Commentary: U.S. Supreme Court set to rule on case involving LCMS congregation

James Gottry, legal counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, writes that the U.S. Supreme Court might rule in favor of religious nonprofits on the basis of religious discrimination.

Letters to the Editor (May 2017)

A letter-writer addresses what he calls “the coming train wreck.”

As Living Members of One Body in Christ

The life of the church is not a human endeavor or accomplishment. It is the gift of God, which He accomplishes by the ministry of the Gospel.

Broken Vows All Around

God doesn’t break His vows – even if the pastor is a bore and worship is boring.

The Temptation of the Quick and Easy

There is a reason the church gathers as a body, face to face side by side by side one another in the same building. We are created as flesh and blood people. We are not digital ghosts who transmit data. We are men and women who eat and cry and hurt and laugh.