Church Worker Wellness: Week 30 Devotion – Relational Wellness

When we look at Scripture, we find functional as well as dysfunctional families, which helps us see God’s grace in our own families all the more clearly.

LCMS Urban and Inner-City Mission webinar: ‘Outreach Through Lutheran Schools’

Hosted by LCMS Urban & Inner-City Mission, Dr. Rebecca Schmidt presents a free webinar on “Outreach Through Lutheran Schools.”

StewardCast Newsletter
LCMS Stewardship Ministry: October 2019 ‘StewardCAST’ newsletter

LCMS Stewardship Ministry discusses how stewards should use a “just-right” grip with the gifts that God has entrusted to them. This “just-right” grip allows stewards to serve their neighbors and to glorify the Lord.

Church Worker Wellness: Week 29 Devotion – Relational Wellness

Interpersonal communication is fraught with errors and missteps, but the Holy Spirit works in our mistakes.

‘God’s Gifts’ — English Bible Camp curriculum

Use this program to share the Gospel as you help new neighbors practice their English.

New Advent/Christmas media kit

Advertise your Christmas services by using these free, customizable resources.

Church Worker Wellness: Week 28 Devotion – Physical Wellness

Who helps and supports you as you make food choices?

Nurturing singing — and faith — through music education

LCMS church musicians and educators learn strategies for increasing music literacy by developing aural skills.

LCMS Stewardship Ministry: Newsletter article and bulletin blurbs – November 2019

The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod’s Stewardship Ministry creates bulletin blurbs and newsletter articles each month to use in church publications.

LCMS Ministry to the Armed Forces – Fourth Quarter 2019 Newsletter

The LCMS Ministry to the Armed Forces newsletter encourages readers to see Jesus for who He really is, true man and true God, especially as He presents Himself in flesh and blood through the sacrament of Holy Communion and through God’s Word.

Reaching Rural America for Christ
LCMS Rural & Small Town Mission: October 2019 Newsletter

LCMS Rural & Small Town Mission newsletter highlights how DOXOLOGY can help church members take a fresh look at their congregation and discover ministry possibilities that might be hidden.

Church Worker Wellness: Week 27 Devotion – Physical Wellness

Even when big change comes, God is constant and offers us a place to rest.

Church Worker Wellness: Week 26 Devotion – Relational Wellness

Three questions to help take a marriage conflict from anger and frustration to understanding and forgiveness.

September ‘Witness’: CPH turns 150

The issue also includes a wrap-up of the 67th Regular Convention of the LCMS.

LCMS Urban and Inner-City Mission webinar: ‘Understanding Recognized Service Organizations’

In a webinar hosted by LCMS Urban & Inner-City Mission, Deaconess Dorothy Krans, director of LCMS Recognized Service Organizations, explains the work of RSOs, how they can positively impact urban ministry, and how they can be a blessing to those serving in urban settings.

RSO News Update
Recognized Service Organizations – Third Quarter 2019 Newsletter

The LCMS Recognized Service Organizations newsletter features information about the Christian Character Formation Project, a program founded by Open Sky Education that emphasizes character development in students.