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Is it the apocalypse? A Lutheran guide to a total eclipse of the sun

If you’re looking for some spiritual significance to the total eclipse, why speculate? Rather than guess that it’s a harbinger of the future apocalypse, look back instead to the cross. Let it remind you of the Lord’s death for you, when even creation convulsed as the Creator suffered for your sins.

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By Oregon State University (Solar eclipse) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The heavens declare the glory of God: a scientist’s view of the solar eclipse

A solar eclipse is one of the most spectacular astronomical events observable with the naked eye. But what does it look like to a Lutheran scientist?

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Raising children in an age of nothing

How can Christian parents raise faithful children in a hostile culture?

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He saves the crushed in spirit

America’s founding fathers believed that the “pursuit of happiness” was an inalienable right, and most people today certainly think that they deserve to be happy. But what happens when we face unhappiness? How does God’s word comfort us then?

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Lutheran Witness: August 2017

In the August issue, we’re seeking faithful answers to some of life’s toughest theological questions.

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Rejoicing to confess

The Lutheran Confessions give us a firm place to stand as we consider the world in all its complexity.

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