President Harrison comments on government recommendations

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  1. Avatar Michele Barnes says:

    Church or no church I will be sitting in my usual spot on sunday

  2. Avatar Earl Hubler says:

    I love you as a dear brother in Christ and respect you as my synod president, and am thankfull to the Holy Spirit for your call. I am a Elder ar St John’s Lutheran Church in Forest Morrisdale Pa, we will not limit nor close any service on Sun. or Wed. service. No disrespect to you my dear President, I will not give Satan the upper hand in thee bride of my Great and awsome loving Lord and risen Savior.

  3. Avatar Kent Bomberger says:

    Is there a chance for Rev. Harrison to make some you-tube videos having a service that the rest of the Country can see. as a shut in with my wife on hospice, it would be a way for the LCMS to share Gods love with everyone in this time in history.

    1. Avatar LCMS Church Information Center says:

      Thank you for your comment. Most LCMS districts are compiling lists of congregations that are live-streaming their church services. You’ll find district contact information at You could also search YouTube for LCMS congregations that have posts out there.

  4. Avatar Chris Michael says:

    The government may not directly say it is limiting our freedom to worship, but they are eneacting rules that do exactly that. For years I have heard from LCMS pastors that Christians come together for worship and to receive the Blessings of the Christ Jesus. Now, we can all sit at home and watch YouTube sermons. Where is the Truth in action about what the Word of God teaches? Or is it just as relative as the rest of the world? I thought we are taught to not fear the one who can kill the body, but rather the one who can kill the soul. I am stunned and devastated at how quickly the ‘christians’ in this country folded to not coming together to worship the Triune God.

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