Positions (April 2017)

CUS positions

The following institutions of the Concordia University System (CUS) are seek­ing candidates for positions:

Concordia University, St. Paul, Minn.: assistant professor of Kinesiology and Health Sciences; faculty in Communication Studies; assistant professor of Computer Science; faculty in Criminal Justice.

Concordia University Wisconsin, Mequon: Occupational Therapy Department chair; Social Work faculty — clinical assistant professor and field coordinator; Child Life faculty. The following positions are for the Ann Arbor, Mich., campus: coordinator of the Child Life program; Health and Human Performance faculty — coordinator of Clinical Education.

Concordia University Portland, Portland, Ore.: dean of libraries faculty; Social Work faculty — practicum director; adjunct Nursing faculty; clinical adjunct Nursing faculty.

Concordia University Chicago, River Forest, Ill.: assistant or associate vice-president of Academics; assistant or associate professor of Kinesiology; assistant or associate professor of Counselor Education.

Concordia College—New York, Bronxville: controller.

Concordia University, Irvine, Calif.: Education faculty, director of Lutheran teacher programs, Colloquy and Placement; Philosophy instructor.

Concordia University Texas, Austin: Admissions counselor; adjunct (part-time) Sociology/History instructor.

For more information about these and other positions, including complete job descriptions, qualifications and application process, visit http://cusapps.cus.edu and click on “Campus Positions Available.”

Posted April 6, 2017


Call for nominations: LCMS chief administrative officer

The LCMS Board of Directors (BOD) is seeking nominations for the position of LCMS chief administrative officer (CAO) — based at the Synod’s International Center in St. Louis.

Organization profile

In grateful response to God’s grace and empowered by the Holy Spirit through Word and Sacraments, the mission of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod is vigorously to make known the love of Christ by word and deed within our churches, communities and world.

The LCMS Board of Directors is vested with the general management and supervision of the Synod’s business and legal affairs, including the review and coordination of the policies and directives of the Synod authorized by its Constitution, Bylaws and resolutions and of the plans and policies of the Synod’s boards and commissions. To the extent of the Board’s responsibility, it provides leadership in achieving the objectives of the Synod as stated in Article III of its Constitution and the Bylaws, so that Christ’s name may be glorified among all peoples throughout the world by our serving one another in Christ’s name, reaching our communities with Christ’s love and claiming the world for Christ’s kingdom.

The chief administrative officer shall assist the Synod’s Board of Directors in carrying out the responsibilities given to it by the Constitution, Bylaws and resolutions of the Synod.

The CAO shall work together closely with the chief financial officer (CFO) and the chief mission officer (CMO) in carrying out the programmatic, administrative and financial functions of the national Synod.

Reporting relationships

The CAO reports to the BOD, ordinarily through the Board’s chairperson. The CAO, as part of the administrative team, also serves under the leadership and oversight of the president. 

Position relationships include:

  • serves as staff person and as advisory to the BOD and as its executive and chief operating officer, carrying out such decisions of the board as it may direct and performing such duties as it may delegate.
  • serves as part of the National Office Administrative Team, consisting of the president, the first vice-president, the secretary, the CFO and the CMO, under the leadership of the president. In this capacity, the CAO assists the president and BOD “in carrying out their respective responsibilities for oversight, supervision, management and coordination as set forth in the Constitution, Bylaws and resolutions of the Synod and according to the triennial emphases adopted by conventions of the Synod.”
  • as part of the administrative team and liaison of the BOD, meets regularly with the leadership of Synod’s mission offices (CMO), commissions and Synodwide corporate entities and provides leadership to assure that the mission-and-ministry activities of the church are being carried out in a coordinated, cooperative and efficient manner.
  • convenes and serves as part of the National Office Operations Team, together with the CFO and the CMO. In this capacity, the CAO assists the president and BOD “in carrying out their respective responsibilities for oversight, supervision, management and coordination of the operations of the national office and according to the triennial emphases adopted by conventions of the Synod.”
  • serves as the Board’s representative on the International Center (IC)’s Committee for Human Resources and as advisory member and chair of the IC Facilities Committee.
  • supervises the executive directors of Building Operations, Information Technology and Human Resources. Supervises the directors of Project and Policy Administration and Travel and Meeting Planning.
  • engages and serves as liaison for the Synod’s legal counsel.

Essential job functions

The holder of this position serves as the Board’s representative and CAO of the Synod, including:

  • carries out responsibilities as delegated in the Synod Handbook and Board Policy Manual.
  • implements the decisions of the BOD and communicates those actions and decisions as appropriate.
  • meets regularly with the president of the Synod (at the president’s determination) or his representative to keep the president informed as well as to receive counsel from the president regarding the ongoing work of the Synod.
  • cooperates with the president, first vice-president, secretary, CFO and CMO, as part of the National Office Administrative Team and under the president’s leadership, to assist with the supervision, management and coordination assigned by the Constitution, Bylaws and resolutions to the president and BOD.
  • cooperates with the CFO and CMO as part of the National Office Operations Team, in their respective roles of oversight, supervision, management and coordination of national-office operations.
  • assists the BOD in adopting and carrying out long-range plans.
  • prepares the agenda and dockets for BOD meetings under the direction of the Board chairperson and in consultation with the administrative team and the president of the Synod.
  • assures compliance with convention mandates that are related to the BOD’s responsibilities, oversight and supervision.
  • within his areas of responsibility, creates positions within the approved budget and supervises staff to meet and carry out the responsibilities of this position.

The CAO enhances relationships with the Board’s partners and administers the Board’s coordinative responsibilities, including:

  • communicates regularly with the BOD members to keep them apprised between board meetings.
  • works to enhance relationships with the Church at-large, the Board’s partners, as well as the public — informing and educating them regarding the Board’s activities and responsibilities.
  • provides leadership and oversight of compliance issues relating to the Board’s area of supervision.
  • provides advice and counsel on structure, operation, staffing and finances to other boards, commissions and councils.
  • seeks opportunities for collaboration with presidents of the other Synodwide corporate entities to work cooperatively toward effective and efficient operations and, where applicable, common policies and directives.
  • maintains contact with the Lutheran fraternal societies and his/her counterparts in other church bodies, in consultation with the president (as chief ecumenical officer of the Synod).

The CAO provides leadership to the administrative and legal functions of corporate Synod, including:

  • serves as the BOD’s representative to the Committee for Human Resources and the IC Facilities Committee.
  • provides administrative supervision to the executive directors of Building Operations, Information Technology and Human Resources and the directors of Project and Policy Administration and Travel and Meeting Planning.
  • works closely with the CFO on issues relating to asset management, assuring implementation of the BOD actions on such matters.
  • maintains contact with legal counsel, making decisions in accordance with the Board’s legal policies.
  • keeps the BOD apprised of potential litigations and/or substantial violations in compliance with the Synod Bylaws, applicable federal and state laws and other areas related to the Board’s supervision of the business matters of the Synod.

The CAO is responsible for corporate Synod’s compliance with the Articles of Incorporations, Constitution, Bylaws, convention resolutions, Board policies and applicable civil laws on behalf of the BOD, including:

  • serves as the Board’s corporate compliance officer, monitoring compliance with the Articles of Incorporation, the Synod’s Constitution and Bylaws, convention resolutions, the Board of Directors Policy Manual, other board policies and applicable civil laws as they relate to the agencies of the Synod.
  • reviews and drafts corporate policy statements and procedures.
  • is responsible for the negotiation and drafting of corporate agreements.
  • advises and implements compliance initiatives on behalf of the BOD.

The CAO or his/her designee serves as convention manager. He/she is responsible to the president for making arrangements for and directing the externals of the convention and other major assemblies of the Synod and may assist with planning and arranging for district conventions, including:

  • works with the president to determine convention location, budget and logistics.
  • submits the convention budget to the president and the BOD for final approval.


Position requirements:

  • an active member of a Lutheran ChurchMissouri Synod congregation, faithful to the Holy Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions and supportive of the Synod’s Constitution, Bylaws, resolutions, practices and policies.
  • at least 10 years or equivalent experience in corporate or organizational management in the private or public sector. Knowledgeable of the operations and structure of the Synod.
  • minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or in equivalent fields related to management and/or corporate compliance.
  • ability to focus on the “big picture,” with particular emphasis on enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of efforts.
  • knowledgeable regarding societal issues and trends and the use of technology in delivering services.
  • demonstrated experience in administration coupled with the ability to delegate responsibilities.
  • experience in recruitment, development and supervision of executive-level staff.
  • demonstrated communication skills to deal with diverse groups within the Synod, Synodwide corporate and trust entities, other church bodies, as well as with outside business and professional contacts.
  • ability to travel approximately 25 percent of the time.


  • juris doctorate or master’s degree in Business Administration or related field.
  • experience as a member of a board or staff of a Synod entity.
  • experience as a chief executive officer, chief operating officer, chief financial officer, vice-president of Human Resources or vice-president of Marketing of a multi-million-dollar corporation.

Competencies (knowledge, skills and abilities):

  • demonstrated interpersonal skills with a variety of individuals and groups to accomplish goals; ability to adjust personal approach to fit the style/needs of others and recognition of the impact of one’s behavior/actions on others.
  • ability to establish clear plans and metrics, monitor progress and initiate corrective action as needed; to address quality of work using appropriate processes and methods; and to coach others to monitor performance and progress.
  • ability to set high standards that encourage continuous development; to use constructive feedback and other methods such as work assignments, coaching, mentoring and formal training courses to develop others; to link learning efforts to mission/organizational goals; and to proactively provide coaching and feedback to employees on a regular and ongoing basis.
  • ability to initiate and engage others regarding the need for change; to help others understand the need for change; to respond constructively to ambiguity; to gain willing participation for change initiatives; to translate new change goals into practical implementation steps; to help others overcome their resistance to change; to maintain forward momentum in the face of obstacles or setbacks; and to help the work group adapt without disruption of productivity.
  • demonstrated relational skills and the ability to work cooperatively and constructively in an executive environment with closely related and shared responsibilities and with ordained, commissioned and lay workers.
  • demonstrated proficiency in using technological applications, such as Microsoft Office and Board Effect, etc.

Supervisory Responsibility

This individual is responsible for the supervision of the office of the CAO staff (executive assistant and director of Project and Policy Administration), executive directors of Building Operations, Information Technology, Human Resources and director of Travel and Meeting Planning.

Submit nominations via email to val.rhoden-kimbrough@lcms.org or by mail to Val Rhoden-Kimbrough, LCMS Department of Human Resources, 1333 S. Kirkwood Road, St. Louis, MO 63122-7297.

The deadline for nominations for this position is May 1, 2017.

Posted April 4, 2017


Curator/site manager, Saxon Lutheran Memorial

Saxon Lutheran Memorial (SLM), a historic homestead village of Concordia Historical Institute (CHI) that showcases several log cabins from the time of the first Saxon Lutheran settlers in Perry County, Mo., is seeking applicants for the position of curator/site manager.

The curator is to be an advocate of SLM and CHI, manage a welcoming, safe and organized site, maintain the SLM business office and direct special SLM events.

Compensation is based on skills and experience and includes a stipend, Concordia Plan benefits and the use of the curator’s residence.

Please send applications before May 31 to: Dr. Daniel Harmelink, Executive Director, Concordia Historical Institute, 804 Seminary Place, St. Louis, MO 63105.

For a more detailed job description, call 314-505-7911.

Posted March 20, 2017


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