In Memoriam (June/July 2017)

In Memoriam

             Obituary information is provided by district offices to the Synod’s Office of Rosters and Statistics. Any questions about content should be referred, therefore, to the appropriate district office. — Ed.


BEHNKEN, KENNETH WAYNE REV., October 29, 1927, Houston, Texas, to March 15, 2017, Reno, Nev.; son of Rev. John and Hilda (Grassmuck) Behnken; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1953. Served 1954-1990.  Ministries/Parishes: Long Beach, Mill Valley, Capistrano Beach, Calif.; Seattle, Wash.; Great Bend, Kan.  Retired 1990.  Survivors: Eunice (Frick) Behnken; daughters: Sandra Clark, Susan Dittli, Amy Sabatino.  Memorial Service and Interment: March 20, 2017, Reno, Nev.

BIAR, HENRY HAROLD REV., September 8, 1935, Thorndale, Texas, to March 12, 2017, San Antonio, Texas; son of Henry and Hannah (Symank) Biar; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1960. Served 1960-1961, 1966-2005.  Kermit, Monahans, San Antonio, Texas; Sparta, Ill. Texas District Circuit Visitor 1990-1994, 1997-2012.  Retired 2005.  Survivors: Shirley (Grefe) Biar; sons: Henry Jr., Andrew; daughters: Karisa Schepmann, Kathryn Schweninger.  Funeral: March 17, 2017, San Antonio, Texas.

BOETTCHER, DAVID N. REV., July 10, 1941, Shawano, Wis., to February 17, 2017, Cape Girardeau, Mo.; son of Norbert and Mabel (Sumnicht) Boettcher; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1967. Served 1967-2007. Ministries/Parishes: Nigeria, Milwaukee, Oconto, Green Bay, Wis.  Retired 2007. Survivors: Ruth (Boelter) Boettcher; daughters: Joy Utzinger, Jill Dehne.  Memorial Service: February 25, 2017, Jackson, Mo.

COLLIER JOHN S. REV., April 9, 1932, Jersey City, N.J., to February 20, 2017, Rochester, N.Y.; son of Charles and Hazel (Staffer) Collier; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1958. Served 1958-1996.  Ministries/Parishes: Oak Hill, Spencerport, Olean, Rome, Sylvan Beach, Glen Falls, Sayville, N.Y.; Bordentown, N.J.; Eastern District Circuit Visitor 1991-1996.  Retired 1996. Preceded in death by his wife Pat Collier. Survivors: sons: Mark, Jonathan; daughters: Kathleen, Jennifer, Erin.  Funeral: February 24, 2017, Spencerport, N.Y.

DINDA, RICHARD JOHN REV., March 30, 1927, Cleveland, Ohio, to February 28, 2017, Austin, Texas; son of John and Emma (Helmkamp) Dinda; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1951. Served 1951-1992.  Ministries/Parishes: Paris, Clarksville, Austin, Texas.  Retired 1992.  Survivors: Laura Dinda; daughter: Elissa.  Memorial Service: March 11, 2017, Austin, Texas.

HANSEN, DONALD G. REV., June 4, 1932, Finlayson, Minn., to March 8, 2017, Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.; son of Jorgen and Ella (Schoenrock) Hansen; graduated Springfield Seminary 1960. Served 1960-1982.  Ministries/Parishes: Cocoa Beach, Fla.; Kenosha, Sun Prairie, Wis. Morristown, Minn.; Hacienda Heights, Long Beach, Calif.  Retired 1997.  Survivors: Mercedes (Boss) Hansen; sons: Timothy, Matthew; daughter: Mary Johnston.  Funeral and Interment: March 21, 2017, Riverside, Calif.

HARMANN, ELDOR JAMES REV., July 2, 1936, Milwaukee, Wis., to March 19, 2017, Waco, Texas; son of Elmer and Dora (Schachtschneider) Harmann; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1961. Served 1961-2007.  Ministries/Parishes: Martinsville, Ind.; Kingsport, Tenn.; Elkhart, Hugoton, Preston, Kan.; Janesville, Mayville, Wis.; Brenham, Texas.  Retired 2007.  Preceded in death by his son Paul.  Survivors: son: Craig; daughters: Carla Wrigley, Sarah Farrell.  Funeral: March 24, 2017, Hewitt, Texas; Interment: March 25, 2017, William Penn, Texas.

HILGENDORF, HILBERT P. REV., April 22, 1931, Dickinson, N.D., to March 21, 2017, Fond du Lac, Wis.; son of Theodore and Gertrude (Zuberbier) Hilgendorf; graduated Springfield Seminary 1956. Served 1956-1996.  Ministries/Parishes: Hill City, Remer, Minn.; Sheboygan, Appleton, Milwaukee, Shawano, Fond du Lac, Wis.  Retired 1996.  Preceded in death by his wife Marian (Schedler) Hilgendorf.  Survivors: Gertrude (Huesmann) Hilgendorf; son: Mark; daughters; Lynne Paba, Terri Stone, Lori Reid. Funeral: March 26, 2017, Fond du Lac, Wis.; Interment: March 27, 2017, Fond du Lac, Wis.

KAEDING, HUGO C. REV., January 6, 1928, Brooklyn, N.Y., to February 13, 2017, Hilliard, Ohio; son of Helmut and Lena (Althaus) Kaeding; graduated Springfield Seminary 1968. Served 1968-1993. Ministries/Parishes: Decatur, Quincy, Ill.; Burlington, Iowa; Iowa East District Circuit Visitor 1991-1994.  Retired 1993.  Survivors: Irene (Pelletier) Kaeding; sons: Christopher, Konrad; daughters: Susan, Sabrina.

MARCIS, ALBERT M. REV., March 14, 1928, Tarentum, Pa., to March 24, 2017, Winter Springs, Fla.; son of Michael and Margaret Marcis; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1954. Served 1954-1997. Ministries/Parishes: Blue Island, Ill.; Parma, Ohio; SELC District President 1972-1997. Retired 1997. Survivors: Sylvia (Karjalaine) Marcis; son: Michael; daughters: Ruth, Lois, Karen Springer.  Funeral: March 28, 2017, Oviedo, Fla.

POPP, MILTON NORMAN REV., August 25, 1921, Perryville, Mo., to February 28, 2017, Rimrock, Ariz.; son of William and Paula (Frentzel) Popp; graduated Springfield Seminary 1950. Served 1950-1988.  Ministries/Parishes: Prince George, British Columbia, Canada; Japan; Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Danville, Ill.; Tucson, Prescott, Ariz.  Retired 1988.  Survivors: Aida (McCartney) Popp; sons: David, Daniel; daughters: Christi Tallent, Cheryl, Stephanie, Kathleen.  Funeral: March 10, 2017, Cottonwood, Ariz.; Interment: March 10, 2017, St. Louis, Mo.

WISE, RODNEY ALAN REV., November 27, 1956, Springfield, Ill., to March 16, 2017, St. Louis, Mo.; son of Wilbert and Mary (Lacey) Wise; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1999. Served 1999-2017.  Ministries/Parishes: Overland, Glendale, Mo.  Survivors: Julie (Atwood) Wise; sons: Clark, Evan.  Funeral: March 25, 2017, Glendale, Mo.; Interment: March 25, 2017, St. Louis. Mo.


KIRCHHOFF, W. JAMES DR., December 29, 1935, Indianapolis, Ind., to March 1, 2017, Naperville, Ill. son of William and Agnes (Kettler) Kirchhoff; graduated River Forest 1957. Served 1957-2002.  Schools/Ministries: Chicago, Park Forest, Naperville, Ill.  Retired 2002.  Survivors: Loretta (Meyer) Kirchhoff; son: John; daughters: Lisa Miller, Karen Kutz.  Memorial Service: March 18, 2017, Lisle, Ill.

RADKE, MERLE L. DR., February 25, 1922, Aurelia, Iowa., to March 8, 2017; son of Fred and Marie (Winterhof) Radke; graduated Seward 1943. Served 1943-1993.  Schools/Ministries: St. Johns, Mich.; Twin Falls, Idaho; River Forest, Ill.  Retired 1993.  Preceded in death by his wife Ruth (Huebner) Radke.  Survivors: daughters: Charlyne Berens, Jeaninne Meyer.  Memorial Service: April 8, 2017, River Forest, Ill.

SOEKEN, RICHARD W., March 22, 1944, Lyons, Kan., to March 14, 2017, Evansville, Ind.; son of Raymond and Leota (Galliart) Soeken; graduated Valparaiso Seminary 1967. Served 1968-2010.  Schools/Ministries: Ft. Wayne, Evansville, Ind.; Saginaw, Mich.; Salina, Mission, Kan.  Retired 2010.  Survivors: Rita (Gaertner) Soeken; daughters: Leela Voges, Nicole.  Memorial Service: March 24, 2017, Evansville, Ind.

WENGERT, DEAN DWIGHT, September 2, 1933, State Center, Iowa, to March 14, 2017, Ft. Wayne, Ind.; son of Roland and Lillian (Bernard) Wengert; graduated Seward 1956. Served 1956-1988.  Schools/Ministries: Alma, Mo.; Ft. Wayne, Huntington, Ind.  Retired 1988.  Preceded in death by his wife Ruth (Hachmeister) Wengert.  Survivors: son: Kevin; daughters: Cynthia Echelbarger, Kimberly Stickell.  Funeral and Interment: March 20, 2017, Ft. Wayne, Ind.



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