FAQ on changes to ecclesiastical supervision bylaws

The 2016 Handbook incorporates changes to the Synod’s ecclesiastical supervision bylaws (Bylaw sections 2.14–2.17) that conclude a project expressly directed by Res. 12-14 of the 2016 LCMS convention.

Very briefly, these changes grant accusers a bylaw procedure, under certain specific circumstances, to appeal for action to the president of the Synod if a district president decides not to suspend the accused.

To relieve any confusion regarding these changes, the Office of the Secretary, in consultation with others, has prepared a “Frequently Asked Questions” document.

If you have questions about the bylaw changes adopted under 2016 Res. 12-14, please take a moment to review this document and consider the important topic of ecclesiastical supervision.

Download FAQ

Other resources:

  • Download the 2016 Handbook, which already incorporates these changes, at lcms.org/handbook.
  • Read each resolution in its entirety in the 2016 Convention Proceedings, available at lcms.org/convention.


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  1. Don Stults November 21, 2017 at 9:52 am #

    This resource is helpful in dispelling some of the wild things happening in social media. Thank you.

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