Unrestricted matching-grant challenge starts Nov. 1

Together as Synod: Unrestricted Support

During the month of November, LCMS individuals, congregations and groups who give an unrestricted gift to The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod’s “Together As Synod” designation have a special opportunity to see their donation make an even greater impact.

A special challenge extended by an anonymous foundation will offer a dollar-for-dollar match on any amount raised over and above what was received in unrestricted contributions during the same period of time last year, up to a maximum of $100,000. The Together As Synod designation is an unrestricted account established to improve the effectiveness of the Synod’s ministry and mission.

During November 2015, the LCMS received $49,817.66 in unrestricted contributions over and above district pledge payments from Sunday worship offerings. According to the terms of the challenge, any amount raised between $49,817.66 and $149,817.66 will be doubled — for a possible grand total of $249,817.66, including the matching grant.

“It’s a tremendous blessing because this challenge and its matching-grant offer have the potential to increase November’s financial impact as much as five times the level of 2015,” said Mark Hofman, executive director of LCMS Mission Advancement.

Unrestricted gifts are “what make the Synod’s mission machine function effectively and efficiently,” Hofman said. “Restricted gifts — the kind designated to support specific missionaries, programs and projects — are like all the specific parts and components of an engine. But if there isn’t oil in that machine, the parts just freeze up. Unrestricted gifts fill in the gaps, reduce friction and allow that engine to do what it’s designed to do. For us, that engine is designed to share the Gospel in word and deed here in the United States and around the world.”

In order to be eligible for the match, gifts should be made Nov. 1-30.

“If a person, congregation or group was ever inclined to give an unrestricted gift,” Hofman said, “this is the month to do it.”

To respond to the challenge and take advantage of the matching-grant opportunity:

Give Now

• Donate by mail — Make check made payable to “The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod” (or “LCMS”), with “Together As Synod” or “Unrestricted” written on the memo line. Mail to The LCMS, P.O. Box 66861, St. Louis, MO 63166-6861.

• Donate by phone — Call 888-930-4438 to make a gift by credit card over the phone.

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Posted October 28, 2016

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2 Responses to Unrestricted matching-grant challenge starts Nov. 1

  1. Mrs K Miller November 5, 2016 at 5:26 am #

    As of ___________ (time of answer)…How much has been donated towards the $150K goal so far?

    • LCMS Church Information Center November 14, 2016 at 7:49 am #

      More information about the matching grant will be available through our website and social-media pages, so please keep checking back.

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