In Memoriam (March 2016)

In Memoriam 

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 BRIGHTON, LOUIS ANDREW REV., October 30, 1927, Saskatoon, Canada, to November 13, 2015, Savannah, Ga.; son of Rev. Louis and Helen (Frinke) Brighton; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1952. Served 1952-1998. Ministries/Parishes: London, England; Decatur, Ill.; Lexington, Ky.; St. Louis, Mo. Retired 1998. Survivors: son: Rev. Mark, Stephen; daughters: Anne, Christine, Mary. Funeral: November 20, 2015, Savannah, Ga.

CARR, TIMOTHY JAMES REV., April 6, 1962, Port Arthur, Texas, to December 21, 2015, Ft. Wayne, Ind.; son of James and Elaine (Schaefer) Carr; graduated Ft. Wayne Seminary 1988. Served 1988- 2014. Ministries/Parishes: Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Calif.; Hamilton, Houston, Texas; Sycamore, Ill.; Dewitt, Iowa; Toledo, Ohio. Survivors: Catherine (Brillinger) Carr; sons: Eric, Michael, Alexander; daughter: Anna. Funeral: December 26, 2015, Decatur, Ind.; Interment: December 26, 2015, Ft. Wayne, Ind.

DARKOW, FRED C. JR. REV., January 30, 1930, Akron, Ohio, to December 11, 2015, Winfield, Kan.; son of Fred Sr. and Molly (Shaw) Darkow; graduated Springfield Seminary 1960. Served 1960-1995. Ministries/Parishes: Harrold, Sonora, Wichita Falls, Iowa Park, Texas; Margo, Wadena, Saskatchewan, Canada; Robbinsdale, Brownsdale, Minn.; Winfield, Kan. Retired 1995. Survivors: Rita (Sorgatz) Darkow; sons: Ernst, Fred; daughters: Susan King, Jennifer Beuchat, Faith Linnebur, Christy Kurtz. Funeral: December 18, 2015, Arkansas City, Kan.; Interment: December 18, 2015, Winfield, Kan.

HAACK, LONNIE R. REV., August 17, 1946, York, Neb., to November 21, 2015, Lincoln, Neb.; son of Leroy and Dorothy (Ellis) Haack; graduated Springfield Seminary 1973. Served 1973-2015. Ministries/Parishes: Pittsburgh, Pa.; Watertown, Wis.; Novato, San Rafael, Calif. Retired 2015. Celebration of Life: January 16, 2016, San Rafael, Calif.; Interment: January 17, 2016, San Francisco, Calif.

HASSOLD, WILLIAM J. JR. REV., December 5, 1924, Chicago, Ill., to October 16, 2015, Oviedo, Fla.; son of William Sr. and Johanna (Doering) Hassold; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1948. Served 1951-1989. Ministries/Parishes: Norfolk, Neb.; Oberlin, Gladwin, Ann Arbor, Mich.; Jacksonville, Tampa, Englewood, Fla. Retired 1989. Preceded in death by his wife Sarah (Schalow) Hassold. Survivors: step-sons: John Schalow, Paul Schalow, Philip Schalow; step-daughter: Louise Del Vecchio. Memorial Service: October 25, 2015, Orlando, Fla.

HENNING, J. C. REV., September 19, 1933, Houston, Texas, to November 24, 2015, Houston, Texas; son of Julius and Augusta (Kersten) Henning; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1958. Served 1958-1989. Ministries/Parishes: Oxford, Tupelo, Holly Springs, Corinth, Miss.; Houma, Grand Isle, La.; Edna, Palacios, Corpus Christi, Spring, Texas.; Texas District Circuit Visitor 1994-1995. Retired 1989. Survivors: Shirley (Berton) Henning; sons: Douglas James; daughter: Betsy Barton. Funeral: December 1, 2015, Houston, Texas; Interment: December 1, 2015, Humble, Texas.

KROHN, ORVILLE E. REV., May 29, 1929, Carroll, Neb., to December 4, 2015, Roswell, N.M.; son of Rev. Henry and Augusta (Siegert) Krohn; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1953. Served 1953-1994. Ministries/Parishes: Shelton, Alliance, Neb.; Las Cruces, Roswell, N.M.; Nebraska District Circuit Visitor 1963-1970. Retired 1994. Survivors: Lorraine (Baumgartner) Krohn; sons: Mark, Rev. Kevin; daughters: Anita Gerdes, Gwendolyn. Memorial Service: December 14, 2015, Roswell, N.M.

MANUS, RICHARD M. REV., June 15, 1943. Jamaica, Queens, N.Y., to November 23, 2015, St. Louis, Mo.; son of Ralph and Evelyn (Reich) Manus; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1970. Served 1970-2011. Ministries/Parishes: Crowley, Iota, La.; Greenwich, Conn.; Copperas Cove, College Station, Texas; St. Louis, Barnhart, Mo. Survivors: Alice (Lackey) Manus; sons: Matthew, Marc; daughter: Mary. Funeral: December 5, 2015, High Ridge, Mo.; Interment: January 8, 2016, Jennings, La.

MOORE, POMEROY JUNIOR REV., May 24, 1937, Wichita, Kan., to December 3, 2015, Gadsden, Ala.; son of Cecil and Elizabeth Moore; colloquy 2003. Served 2003-2015. Ministries/Parishes: Anaheim, Calif.; Gadsden, Ala. Survivors: Nelda (Baker) Moore; sons: Timothy, Patrick; daughters: Sheri Herndon, Jeri Staley, Elizabeth. Funeral: December 12, 2015, Gadsden, Ala.

WEHMEIER, WALTER J. REV., May 29, 1927, Alta Vista, Kan., to December 15, 2015, Stillwater, Okla.; son of Rev. Walter and Flora (Brunkhorst) Wehmeier; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1953. Served 1953-1993. Ministries/Parishes: Niagara Falls, Newark, Clyde, N.Y.; Jetmore, Lincolnville, Kan.; Guymon, Perry, Okla. Retired 1993. Preceded in death by his wife Doris (McBeth) Wehmeier and sons Harry, John, Paul. Survivors: son; Dan; daughters: Grace, Sara Belford. Funeral: December 21, 2015, Stillwater, Okla.; Interment: December 21, 2015, Perry, Okla.

ZSCHIEGNER, ARTHUR H. REV., October 27, 1930, Hankow, China, to December 3, 2015, Akron, Ohio; son of Rev. Max and Helen (Rathert) Zschiegner; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1956. Served 1956-1980. Ministries/Parishes: El Segundo, Calif.; E. St. Louis, Ill.; Duncan, Okla.; Ft. Wayne, Ind. Retired 1985. Preceded in death by his wives Valera (Frerking) Zschiegner and Ellen (Schack) Zschiegner and son Jonathan. Survivor: daughter: Angela Sprague. Funeral and Interment: December 10, 2015, Ft. Wayne, Ind.



 BAGANZ, RANDAL D., January 15, 1950, Minneapolis, Minn., to November 22, 2015, Sturtevant, Wis.; son of Reuben and Rhoda (Trapp) Baganz; graduated River Forest 1972. Served 1972-2012. Schools/Ministries: Wauwatosa, Grafton, Milwaukee, Racine, Wis. Retired 2012. Survivors: Madelyn (Fritz) Baganz; sons: Micah, Nathan, Jonathan. Memorial Service: November 27, 2015, Caledonia, Wis.

BECKEN, LINDA M., August 28, 1950, to November 23, 2015, Maplewood, Minn.; daughter of Thor and Sarah Becken; graduated River Forest 1972. Served 1973-2015. Schools/Ministries: Chattanooga, Tenn.; Hudson, Wis.; Lincoln, Neb. Retired 2015. Funeral: November 27, 2015 Stillwater, Minn.; Interment: November 27, 2015, Hudson, Wis.

BEHRENS, GARY, November 21, 1935, Porterville, Calif., to October 14, 2015; son of Alfred and Elma (Stang) Behrens; graduated Seward 1957. Served 1957-2001. School/Ministry: Redwood City, Calif. Retired 2001. Survivors: Rosemary (Schultz) Behrens; son: Jonathan; daughters: Rebecca Berry, Jennifer Montalvo. Funeral: November 1, 2015, Redwood City, Calif.

CZECH, RICHARD DONALD, May 6, 1932, Hamburg, Wis., to December 11, 2015, Abbotsford, Wis.; son of Henry and Katharine (Dorn) Czech; graduated River Forest 1955. Served 1955-1994. Schools/Ministries: Pittsburgh, Pa.; Athens, Wis. Retired 1994. Survivors: Ellen (Polk) Czeck; son: Nathan; daughter: Jenny Hartwig. Funeral and Interment: December 14, 2015, Athens, Wis.

MIEGER, PAUL ALAN, May 29, 1947, Chicago, Ill., to October 16, 2015, Texas; son of Alfred and Irene Mieger; graduated Irvine 1987. Served 1987-2011. Schools/Ministries: Vacaville, Capistrano Beach, Santa Rosa, Stockton, Calif.; DeSoto, Texas; Derby, Kan. Survivors: Patti (Taron) Mieger; son: Michael; daughters: Beverly DuPree, Amy Muhly. Funeral: October 23, 2015, Tyler, Texas; Interment: October 23, 2015, Grand Prairie, Texas.

RICHERT, FAY RONALD, May 18, 1931, South Cayuga Ontario, Canada, to December 21, 2015, Ft. Wayne, Ind.; son of Harvey and Mary (Reichheld) Richert; graduated River Forest 1954. Served 1954-1994. Schools/Ministries: Kingston, N.Y.; New Haven, Ind. Retired 1994. Survivors: Dorene (Detlaff) Richert; son: Mark; daughter: Monica Steiner. Funeral and Interment: December 28, 2015, New Haven, Ind.

WENTLAND, KATHERINE MARIE (NOLTE), November 4, 1948, Wilson, Texas, to September 29, 2015, Ft. Wayne, Ind.; daughter of Felix and Edna (Heintze) Nolte; graduated River Forest 1970. Served 1990-2012. Schools/Ministries: Ft. Wayne, Ind.; Arlington, Texas. Retired 2012. Survivors: Kenneth Wentland; sons: Aaron, Kyle.

WENZ, RICHARD LEE, September 24, 1934, Lincoln, Neb., to December 3, 2015, Davenport, Iowa.; son of Arthur and Mildred Wenz; graduated Seward 1956. Served 1956-1996. Schools/Ministries: Maplewood, Hannibal, Ellisville, Mo.; Davenport, Iowa. Retired 1996. Survivors: Janet (Schneider) Wenz; son: Jeff; daughter: Jennifer Steere. Funeral and Interment: December 7, 2015, Davenport, Iowa.

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