Is missionary service safe?

In a word, “yes,” says Travis Torblaa, personnel care manager with LCMS World torblaa.jpg

“We monitor everything and make sure the places we send people are safe,” Torblaa told Reporter.  “We have parameters in place to monitor the security situations around the world so that we can respond in a timely and appropriate manner” if mission personnel are in danger.

The last time LCMS missionaries were evacuated was in mid-February, when six missionaries and three children were flown out of Guinea, West Africa, amid political demonstrations and violence.  All escaped unharmed.

Before that, it had been three years since LCMS missionaries were pulled from the field.

Torblaa said LCMS World Mission makes every effort to ensure the safety of missionaries, and “we don’t really have any major concerns at this time related to the countries that we are working in.”

Oct. 30, 2007

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