Seminaries to hold open-house events

The Synod’s two seminaries are sponsoring open-house events for high-school- and college-age men who are interested in pursuing vocations as parish pastor, missionary, or chaplain.

Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, has planned two events:

  • The Ninth Annual “Shepherds of God’s Flock” retreat, Jan. 11-13, is designed for men college-age or older.  The retreat will focus on the spiritual and personal aspects of the decision-making process.

    While on campus, participants will study the Scriptures and Lutheran confessions relating to the office of the pastoral ministry, worship with the seminary community in weekday chapel services, and attend seminary classes.  They also will hear from pastors in a variety of ministries about the joys and challenges of their service, and from current seminarians about their decisions to pursue pastoral education.

    Wives and girlfriends of those considering seminary training also are encouraged to attend the retreat, which will include sessions planned for them.

    Meals and on-campus lodging are provided free of charge, and travel assistance also is available.

  • The Fifth Annual “Taste of the Sem” visitation event, Jan. 13-15, is designed to give young men in high school an opportunity to experience seminary life firsthand.

    The event offers Bible study, prayer, sample classes, a tour of the campus, and discussions about the office of holy ministry.  Participants are matched one-on-one to seminary students and accompany the students to their field-education congregations on Sunday and to classes and an on-campus chapel service on Monday.

    Registration is $45 and includes all meals and lodging.

For more information about either event, or to register, contact the seminary’s Admissions Office at (800) 822-9545 or  Or visit the seminary Web site at

    Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Ind., is sponsoring three visitation events:

    • “Christ Academy College,” Feb. 16-18, is designed to bring college-age men together to study theology and establish a community of men who are interested in becoming pastors.

      The event includes class visits, theological lectures, fellowship activities, and on- and off-campus worship services.

      Meals and on-campus lodging are provided free of charge, and travel assistance may be available.  Deadline for registrations is Feb. 1.

      For information, send an e-mail to

    • The “Spring Invitational Campus Visit,” March 23-25, is open to men who are interested in attending the seminary, as well as their wives and girlfriends.

      Participants may sit in on classes, meet with faculty members, and attend an “Information Fair” on Fort Wayne real estate, schools, and employment opportunities.  Visitors also may talk with the seminary’s relocation coordinator and director of financial aid, and attend a banquet with President Dean O. Wenthe.

      Meals and on-campus lodging are provided free of charge.  For more information, contact Rev. Scott Stiegemeyer at

    • The Ninth Annual “Christ Academy — High School,” June 17-30, is a two-week program designed to give young men in high school an opportunity to experience seminary life and explore the possibility of becoming a pastor.

      The program includes daily prayer and worship services, athletic activities, and classes on exegetical, systematic, historical, and practical theology.  Participants also take part in choir performances.

      Registration — which opens Jan. 1 — is $500 and includes all meals and on-campus lodging.

    For information about any of the above Fort Wayne seminary events, call (800) 481-2155 or visit the seminary’s Web site at

    Posted Nov. 2, 2006

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