Disaster Response

Tammy Sherrod views the remains of her home in the Roaring Fork neighborhood of Gatlinburg, Tenn., on Friday, Dec. 2, after a wildfire tore through the resort community five days earlier. Local LCMS members are reaching out to those who are hurting, using resources provided by LCMS Disaster Response. (AP Photo/Adam Beam)

Providing spiritual care after deadly Tennessee fires

St. Paul Lutheran Church in Sevierville, Tenn., and its pastor use resources from LCMS Disaster Response to meet the spiritual-care needs of victims.

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Hurricane Matthew Update

Curious about what Lutherans have been doing in the Carolinas since Hurricane Matthew? Look no further.

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A young girl uses the new water well the LCMS provided to St. Peter Lutheran Church.

LCMS Provides Life-Giving Water in Bangladesh

By Roy S. Askins During the rainy season of Bangladesh, water is everywhere. Roads become submerged, homes become unlivable, church buildings uninhabitable and schools unusable. Villagers must walk on bamboo bridges, even within the village, and use skiffs to visit family and friends. In some places, high water levels cover wells. In other places, the […]

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Conference emphasizes disaster response, preparedness for Church

The 2016 LCMS Disaster Response Conference — under the theme of “Showing Christ’s Mercy; Bringing God’s Peace” — reaches a broad audience with theology, case studies and practical application.

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The Rev. Ross Johnson prays with hurricane victims at a home in Duchity, Haiti, Oct. 12. What distinguishes LCMS Disaster Response from other agencies responding to the crisis is the emphasis on providing spiritual care and the comfort of the Gospel to those suffering in the aftermath of catastrophes like hurricanes.

Photo essay: Devastation of Hurricane Matthew from the Caribbean to the Carolinas

Synod disaster responders visit Haiti and the Carolinas in the wake of Hurricane Matthew to assess and broaden aid to victims.

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Visits help disaster responders plan further aid for Hurricane Matthew victims

Synod disaster responders visit victims to assess the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew amid flooding in the Carolinas and an outbreak of cholera in Haiti.

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