Disaster Response

Dozens of chainsaw specialists were part of the more than 200 Lutheran volunteers who responded on Saturday, April 11, 2015, to tornado cleanup in Rochelle, Ill. LCMS Communications/Al Dowbnia

I’m Too Old To Be a Volunteer

When you see the news stories of people removing debris, sawing tree limbs, and mucking out houses it is easy to think that you don’t have a role to play in disaster response. Perhaps you are young. Maybe you are old or have physical disabilities. Possibly you think that you don’t have any special skills to […]

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Chainsaws Aren’t For Children

One of the most frequent questions I get is “Can we take our youth group to LERT training?” And my response is always “Certainly, but we can’t certify minors.” Then I tell them ways to get their youth involved in Disaster Response in their congregation but I always get the same response.

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Fill the Bucket – Clever Ways to Start a Disaster Fund

This year has been an especially wet one. New Years brought widespread floods through Missouri, Illinois and all the way down the Mississippi. January, February, and March brought more flooding in Texas. Even right now I am just getting back from Texas to respond to yet another flood in Bryan, TX. David Ricks of Disaster Care Ministry […]

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‘Crowdfunding’ project to fund ‘Camp Courage’

There are just 10 days left to raise the remaining $5,900 for the weeklong program to help traumatized children rebound from disasters.

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bethesda flood-RPT-IN

Houston church members help Bethesda residents after flood

When Bethesda Lutheran Communities asked for help with cleanup, local LCMS congregations responded immediately.

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Disaster-response conference to focus on Christ’s mercy, peace

The annual LCMS conference is set for Oct. 18-20 at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Ind.

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