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In May’s ‘Lutheran Witness’

Speaking about the faith to people who don’t believe is the focus of this issue of the magazine.

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Reformation Relevance: Luther on church and state

This month’s column is from Luther’s 1523 treatise, “Temporal Authority: To What Extent It Should Be Obeyed.”

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Movie review: ‘The Jungle Book’

The remake of the 1967 classic Disney cartoon is the kind of high-quality film audiences expect, but it might be too intense for young children.

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Journal critiques seminary models, theological education

The new edition includes papers from the third annual LCMS Mission Summit last November.

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In April’s ‘Lutheran Witness’

Theologians and church workers answer common questions from parishioners, such as “Is the Lord’s Supper really Christ’s body and blood?”

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Protecting your church’s data from hackers

It’s a computer nightmare scenario — made real recently for one LCMS congregation that made the local news because of the situation.

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