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Movie review: ‘The Jungle Book’

The remake of the 1967 classic Disney cartoon is the kind of high-quality film audiences expect, but it might be too intense for young children.

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Movie review: ‘God’s Not Dead 2’

Don’t be guilted into saying this film is good just because its topic — Christian apologetics and civil liberties — is important, writes reviewer Ted Giese.

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Movie review: ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’

Christian faith is a significant part of this film, but as in real life, not everyone is happy with God.

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Movie review: ‘The Young Messiah’

Viewers looking for a true picture of the young Jesus will best be served by searching Him out in Scripture and avoiding this messy, fictionalized concoction.

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Movie review: ‘Risen’

The film is respectful of the Christian faith in its consideration of what a nonbeliever would have to “reconcile” should he come in contact with the risen Christ.

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Movie review: ‘The Revenant’

Even though the film captures the beauty of the frontier landscape and its bitter dangers and troubles, it is a poor substitute for the book on which it is based, writes reviewer Ted Giese.

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