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‘2013 Convention Resolution Update’ released

The update includes information on resolutions that are wide in scope and quotes those affected by or carrying out the resolutions.

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LCMS questionnaire mailing could ‘surprise’ nominees

The “Supplemental Nominee Information Form for Concordia University System Board Positions” is the first step in identifying candidates for university boards.

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Final four resolutions pass for Theology, Church Relations Committee

On the last day of business, delegates pass resolutions on confession and absolution, men and women, creation and the doctrine of the call.

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Convention’s ‘Life Together’ is in worship

The convention is “a gathering of the people of God,” says the Rev. William Weedon, “and the offering up of prayer becomes our primary business.”

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Convention adopts 11 more resolutions on witness

On the final day of the convention, delegates adopt resolutions supporting campus ministry and giving thanks for 100 years of work among Chinese peoples, among others.

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Three adopted Administration, Finance resolutions end convention business

OK’d: procedures for veep ranking , floor nominations,; urging ‘conversation’ on CCM opinions

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