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Framing the Day: Home Catechesis Made Simple

If you think that an hour of church and an hour of Sunday school is enough exposure to Jesus for your kids, you’re kidding yourself.

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Have It More Abundantly

God loves life so much, He gives it to us twice.

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Lutheran Witness Retro Flashback: “A Seminary For Monkeys” Revisited

It seems that LW readers haven’t evolved much on the matter of evolution. To be fair, neither have evolutionists.

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The God of Creation

Our eternal trust lies in our God precisely because He is the Creator.

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Lutheran Witness: August 2016

In this issue, we rejoice in the joy, comfort and consolation that we share as the body of Christ.

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Doctrine and Mission: The Purpose of Synod Meetings

Read one Synod president’s words, which comprise a beautiful, urgent admonition for synod conventions to be, above all, doctrinal and to be doctrinal in order to be about mission.

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