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Parenting: Emotions and Promises

If we’re waiting for some life-changing emotional experience to confirm a promise of God, we’re waiting in vain.

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The Duty of Parents

The duty to teach children is the primary duty of fathers and mothers.

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Brings Princes to Nothing

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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Lutheran Witness: October 2016

In the October issue, we’re focusing on all things Reformation!

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The Joy of a Generous and Faithful Lutheranism

Wherever the Gospel and Sacraments are—enough to bring people to true faith in the true Jesus—there is the Church.

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God and Others

We Christians must be aware that our society is in the process of committing suicide, both literally and intellectually. Once things have come apart, we must again be ready to deliver the God who is for us humans and once again give our culture the source of human flourishing.

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