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Lutheran Witness: August 2016

In this issue, we rejoice in the joy, comfort and consolation that we share as the body of Christ.

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Doctrine and Mission: The Purpose of Synod Meetings

Read one Synod president’s words, which comprise a beautiful, urgent admonition for synod conventions to be, above all, doctrinal and to be doctrinal in order to be about mission.

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Opening Homes and Hearts

God bids us to care for the solitary.

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The Myth of Secular Neutrality

Government is God’s creature to punish and keep external order. But government may not tell you what you are to believe about Christ, forgiveness and eternal life.

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Our Time Has Come

When we say as Christians that we love children, we love them all.

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Blessed Are You

While it’s easy for many to remember this passage from the Beatitudes, it’s a much harder thing to actually rejoice and be glad when we hear all the slander against Christians in nearly every media outlet.

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