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Lutheran Witness: May 2016

Bearing witness to Christ – on account of your Baptism and by His grace – doesn’t have to be scary or hard or intimidating. It simply starts and ends with Christ. Join us as we talk all things evangelism.

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On Pastors and Spiritual Priests

“Whether proclaimed by a layperson, preacher—indeed by the devil himself,” the Word does its work.

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I Have Set a Watchman

We hear from our pastor that we are sinners. Our sin is real and it’s a problem, and without repentance and forgiveness our situation will get worse. Being the messenger with that memo isn’t easy.

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Controversial but not Complicated

It is not that we believe that freedom of religion overrules freedom of speech, but rather we believe that religious institutions ought to remain faithful to their beliefs.

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Fragmented Stories Restored

In a world filled with a run-on of fragmented lives in nation after nation constituted by a run-on of fragmented efforts, Jesus has authored a redemption in His blood that even now brings full, free and complete redemption to those who trust in Christ.

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Lutheran Witness: April 2016

Those questions you have about the faith? They have answers.

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