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In January 2015, hundreds of LCMS college students converged in St. Louis for the second National Campus Ministry Conference, called “Taboo.” (Learn more about it here.)

In a time when anything goes, when sex and pornography and abortion and polyamory are accepted as normal, when college campuses are inundated with values and ideals contrary to Scripture and to what we confess as Lutherans, very few things appear to be truly off limits to our young people–to us as the Church–anymore.

“The only thing, it seems, that is taboo anymore is whether or not we as the Church believe we have anything to say about [these issues],” the Rev. Marcus Zill, director of LCMS Campus Ministry, told the students in attendance.

But we do! “Defending the faith, especially in university classrooms and college quads, will be one of the most difficult things you’ll do,” the Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison, president of the LCMS, added. But through the conference, and the presentations given, which are also found in a shortened printed form, on the following pages, “You’ll be reminded of the power of God’s Word. You’ll be reminded of the gifts given to you in your Baptism that enable you to confess what you know to be true on account of Christ. You’ll be reminded of Jesus, who sees nothing and no one as taboo, but who loves to forgive and comfort His children.”

Please join our young Lutherans in reading, sharing and discussing the taboo topics–the contraceptive culture, the death penalty, social media, sexual morality, depression, sin—they are discussing on their own college campuses every day.

And as you do, take comfort in what President Harrison also told those bold, young students: “You are baptized into Christ, and that means that your beliefs and confession will be taboo to the world. But . . . you are baptized into Christ, and that means that no college professor or campus group can snatch you from Him, from the One who loves you, who died for you and who rose again . . . all for you!”

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Adriane Heins, Managing Editor

The Lutheran Witness

Special Note | State of the Synod District Pledge Update

photo2351The district pledge information in the November “State of the Synod” issue of The Lutheran Witness was assembled based on the Synod’s fiscal year, rather than on the districts’ pledge year. Because of this, the LCMS English and Northwest Districts pledge totals caused some confusion.

We are pleased and thankful to report that the LCMS English District pledged $200,277 for FY 2013, that the LCMS Northwest District gave $158,845 to Synod (instead of the $15,845 that was reported in error) in FY 2013 and that the latter has pledged $170,000 for the current fiscal year.

An updated chart, representing both pledged and received amounts based on the districts’ pledge year, can be found here.

Download District Pledge Update

Additionally, the notation on page 11 of the November issue should have indicated that amounts are stated in thousands.

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