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The Lutheran Witness — December 2015 

“Christ must be the one we look to at all times and especially during the celebration of Christmas,” writes Isaiah Armbrecht in this month’s #believeboldly column. And he’s right! Our Lord comes to us just like us: with hair and toenails, teeth and tongue. He comes in humility, understanding our suffering and willing to take it all upon Himself.

And so in this December issue of The Lutheran Witness – spanning both the penitence of Advent and the celebration of Christmas — we focus on Christ. We take a look at the hymns — and even the Magnificat — that speak to His goodness toward us. We learn about the mercy He shows us that we in turn share with others who may be struggling during this time of the year. And we rejoice in the gift of His Word, which allows us to see Jesus just as face-to-face as those in Bethlehem did.

We also dig into Gaudete, that one Sunday that breaks all the rules by encouraging us to rejoice in the Lord always . . . even during penitential Advent. We discover why the crèche and the crucifix are inseparable when it comes to what they teach us about Jesus. And we hear from Scripture words of comfort that were just as true for the shepherds are they are for us: “Fear not!”

This Advent and Christmas – as with all seasons of the Church Year – we look to Christ, giving thanks that we know just where to find Him: wrapped in swaddling cloths, lying in a manger, in His Word, in His Sacraments. “Glory to God in the highest!”

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Adriane Heins, Managing Editor

The Lutheran Witness

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