The Bibles are back: Navy scuttles removal plan

The Freedom From Religion Foundation prompted the original order to remove the Bibles, but public outcry leads the Navy to reverse course.

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Lutherans Engage


Youth Ministry: Connecting Young People to Christ

Matthew Rhodes, a 19-year-old college sophomore from South Dakota, said his local church and youth ministry helped him find a solid faith in Jesus Christ. Learn how LCMS Youth Ministry works with congregations and districts, and serves as a resource and a network for their ministry to young people inside and outside the Christian faith.

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Ministry News


StewardCAST Newsletter – August 2014

In this issue from LCMS’ Stewardship Ministry, an updated list of objectives for stewardship ministry is provided. The goals listed are practical and functional and are meant to be applied to situations that are both internal and external. The list’s intended audience is individuals, families and congregations. The Board of Stewardship has adopted these objectives […]

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Press Room


LCMS President calls for prayer, peace amid Ferguson, Mo., unrest

Together with other residents of metropolitan St. Louis, I have been saddened and worried by the events of the past week in Ferguson, Missouri. So, I write today for one simple reason—with one great need. I write to ask for your prayers.

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