Board learns Synod finances improving — slightly

The LCMS Board of Directors hears good news about a couple areas of the Synod’s financial situation at its Feb. 13-14 meeting.

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Lutheran Witness


Sexuality as a Family Virtue

If we want boys and girls to grow up to be men and women who understand and long for biblical manhood and biblical womanhood, who see family as virtuous, sexuality as a gift of God and who are not afraid to talk about it in healthy ways, then we must demonstrate to them the fullness […]

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Ministry News


Words of Comfort and Hope for Those Who Feel Alone: A Sermon on Isaiah 51:1-6

God spoke these words through Isaiah for generations not yet born, primarily for those of Judah who would be sent into “Exile” in Babylon about 150 years later. These are words of comfort and hope for those who feel far from home, isolated, abandoned, alone, powerless, hemmed in, threatened, perhaps near death and “exiled.”

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Press Room


A Letter to Pastors from President Harrison — The First Sunday in Lent, A.D. 2015

Dear Brothers in the office, we have a sacred vocation of service. We serve. Because we bear Christ’s own office, an office our Confessions say is derived from Christ and the apostles, we can expect among the joys and great blessings, thorns, trials, crosses and difficulties. Some of these are brought upon us by the […]

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