Specialized Pastoral Ministry

LCMS MAF, SPM Chaplains Minister Where Needed Most

As LCMS Ministry to the Armed Forces (MAF) chaplains provide spiritual care for our men and women serving in the military, the Synod’s Specialized Pastoral Ministry (SPM) chaplains also minister to those with specific needs: the sick, the imprisoned, the aging, the troubled, the conflicted and the isolated.

A Pastoral Touch Newsletter – December 2014

In this issue from LCMS’ Specialized Pastoral Ministry (SPM), encouraging words from the SPM interim director are shared, along with information on the 2014 SPM Educational event Oct. 28-30. In addition, the dates of other upcoming SPM events and general information about this ministry are provided in the pages of this newsletter.

BNM extends its first call to Sutterer

Such calls to specialized pastoral ministers are possible with adoption of Resolution 2-15B by delegates to the 2013 Synod convention.

Rev. Joel Hempel, manager of LCMS Specialized Pastoral Ministry talks about an upcoming educational event

Rev. Joel Hempel, manager of LCMS Specialized Pastoral Ministry (SPM) discusses an upcoming event for chaplains, pastoral counselors, clinical educators and others involved with and those exploring SPM-related ministry. The theme is “Lutheran Pastoral Care in Pluralistic Contexts,” and registration is now open. This event is set for Oct. 28-30 at the Mercy Conference and Retreat Center in St. Louis.

SPM educational event, retreat set for October

“Lutheran Pastoral Care in Pluralistic Contexts,” for those involved in specialized pastoral ministries, is planned for Oct. 28-30 in St. Louis.

Participants give SPM meetings high ratings

LCMS Specialized Pastoral Ministry hosts a meeting of pastors testing the ecclesiastical-endorsement process for emergency-services chaplains and its first Regional Educational Event.

Life Together

The LCMS Office of National Mission (ONM) works to foster healthy Lutheran congregations that bear witness and have mercy in that same life together.