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U.S. Air Force Col. Michael Madrid stands next to a vintage aircraft display outside Randolph Air Force Base, Texas. First Liberty Institute represents Madrid on the basis he was unlawfully punished because of his religious beliefs about marriage and sexuality. (Courtesy of First Liberty Institute)

Synod, other advocates speak for religious liberty in secularized military

U.S. Air Force Col. Michael Madrid allegedly was punished because of his religious beliefs about marriage and sexuality.

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KFUO program to examine religious-liberty case of Barronelle Stutzman

A lawyer from Alliance Defending Freedom is the guest on Worldwide KFUO’s “Free to be Faithful” program on March 15.

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Judge Neely will remain on bench despite censure

The Wyoming Supreme Court rules to admonish Judge Ruth Neely for alleged ethics violations, but finds that she did not break any law in expressing her beliefs.

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LCMS President Harrison comments after ruling in Judge Neely case

Wyoming Supreme Court censures local judge for her faith-based marriage view but allows her to remain municipal court judge.

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The LCMS awaits a response after sending a request Sept. 8 to the Secretary of Defense to ensure specific protections for chaplains, service members, medical personnel, Department of Defense (DoD) civilians and other DoD-affiliated employees, as service members purportedly are experiencing increasing restrictions on living out their faith in their military vocations. As of Nov. 11, it remains unclear when and how DoD officials will respond. (LCMS/Erik M. Lunsford)

LCMS awaits response from DoD in request to protect troops’ religious freedom

It remains unclear if Department of Defense (DoD) officials will respond to the Synod’s Sept. 8 request to ensure protections for chaplains, service members and others, following the DoD’s recently mandated LGBT policies.

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