Young ‘Blockheads’ talk trash at White House

LCMS member Christina Yepez, 13, and four friends discover a way to turn used Styrofoam cups into glue, netting them a trip to D.C. to meet President Obama.

U.S. must ‘destroy’ Islamic State, say religious conservatives

A coalition of more than 50 religious leaders calls on President Obama to sharply escalate military action against Islamic extremists in Iraq.

Religious-rights watchdog: Pakistan, Syria among worst offenders

One of the nation’s leading champions of religious freedom implores the Obama administration to add Pakistan and Syria to the list of nations that most egregiously violate religious rights.

Christians in Middle East: U.S. attack on Syria would be detrimental

As the Obama administration considers a strike in response to recent chemical attacks, the head of a global evangelical group says Christians in the Middle East oppose military intervention in Syria.