An Hour in the Life of a Chaplain

We serve beside God’s beloved children in good times and bad.

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Exorcism as Mercy

Most of us equate exorcisms with scary Hollywood movies, but Rev. Geoff Boyle explains how pastors in Madagascar use the rite to cast the demon out and speak Christ in.

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Why Am I Barren?

Children are a heritage from the Lord—a gift from Him—and that good gift is received, not manufactured or made. In His wisdom and time, God makes mothers of women.

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He Is the Firstborn from the Dead

Sin makes life messy and dirty. But it is Christ’s resurrection that cleanses, renews and restores us!

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Be angry, but Do Not Sin!

Is anger inherently sinful? Rev. Allen Schenk takes a look at this topic, discussing how it can help us settle disagreements and why God gives us the grace to forgive those with whom we’re angry.

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A Heavenly Reunion

Who was not moved by the rescue of the 33 miners in Chile? Imagine being trapped under tons of stone,unable to see the sun for 70 days. Compared to heaven, life here on earth is not that much different than living in underground darkness. We get used to the darkness of this world. It begins […]

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