Convention confesses: ‘God created the world in six natural days’

After some discussion, the Synod in convention adopted Res. 5-09A, which confesses that God created the world in six natural days.

Society of Creation to host conference at LCMS International Center

The conference will study various topics related to the age of Earth.

Concerning the six-day creation

There will always be a struggle between faith and reason. In matters of clear teaching of the Bible, however, we must hold to the Scriptures.

Why Do I Believe in Jesus?

My reason follows after, in the wake of faith, and convinces me that the universe is simply too ordered and too complex to exist by chance.

A Public Service Announcement as Summer Draws Near

As you enjoy nature, you’re enjoying God’s incredible creativity, imagination and vitality. Where many argue that the immense diversity of creation argues for random evolution, it makes a far better case for an imaginative God who delights in enormous variety.

In the Beginning

The earth where we live, the universe in which we exist, didn’t just happen. God created it.