CPH’s ‘From Atheism to Christianity’ tells story of C.S. Lewis

The 214-page book by the Rev. Dr. Joel Heck relates how an avowed atheist became one of the world’s most famous Christians.

White Christians now a minority in 19 states

That’s one finding of the Public Religion Research Institute’s “American Values Atlas” of data about Americans’ opinions, identities and values.

Secularism grows as more U.S. Christians turn ‘churchless’

According to Barna researcher David Kinnaman, 38 percent of Americans claim no particular religious identity.

State Department: Religious persecution makes migrants out of millions

The State Department’s annual religious freedom report focuses heavily on discrimination, impunity and the displacement of religious minorities.

Christian leaders: Middle East Christians must not be forgotten

Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox leaders join forces to call for an end to the silence over persecuted Christian communities in Egypt, Iraq and Syria.

Looking to get married? Try a Christian college

According to an analysis by Facebook, of the top 25 colleges where men are most likely to meet their spouse, all are private Christian institutions.

Review: ‘The Lone Ranger’ remake thrashes Christianity

In “The Lone Ranger,” Christians are portrayed as unattractive, ineffectual, hateful or flat-out hypocritically evil.