Birth Control

Missouri lawmaker, wife ask court for contraception exclusion

A family should have the same right as a small business to opt out of birth control coverage in its health care plan, a federal appeals court hears.

Disputes over birth control fuel Obamacare fight

Conception. Pregnancy. Abortion. Abortifacient. Those words today are in a rhetorical swamp where contesting religious, medical and political views muddy understanding.

How FDA-approved contraceptive methods work

An FDA website explains the four major methods of contraception and how they work.

U.S. asks Court to review Hobby Lobby’s birth-control mandate challenge

Federal officials ask the U.S. Supreme Court to review the government mandate that private companies offer employees birth-control coverage despite the business owner’s moral objections.

Catholic hospitals at odds with bishops over birth-control mandate

The organization representing Catholic hospitals nationwide says it no longer objects to the Obama administration’s mandate that all employees receive free birth-control coverage.