Confident Anticipation: Antiphon for December 23

Emmanuel is very much God with us today. He comes to us graciously through His Word, Holy Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

King in the Clay: Antiphon for December 22

As important as Christmas may be, it is not the birth of Christ that unites mankind in faith; it is His holy death, His resurrection and His promised return.

Breaking Dawn: Antiphon for December 21

Christ Jesus–God enfleshed in our nature–continues to fulfill God’s promise to our fallen race.

Preparing Souls: Antiphon for December 20

This joy is more than a good and fuzzy feeling in our hearts; it is the certainty that has unlocked and loosened us from our sins that bound us.

Come Quickly!: Antiphon for December 19

Even as we ask for the Lord Christ’s deliverance of each of us from every evil of body and soul, we look ahead with joy and gladness, living in hope in Christ.

Here Comes the Boss: Antiphon for December 18

We prepare in Advent to celebrate the coming of our Lord and to worship Him, the one who saves us from our sins because we could not keep the Law.

The Greatest Wisdom: Antiphon for December 17

We look beyond Christmas and wait for our Lord’s coming again to raise us to life, body and soul, and the Church prays, “O Wisdom . . . Come!”

O Antiphons: What Are They?

The O Antiphons can continue to teach, enlighten and comfort the Church today.