Jesus Restores Your Voice

God wants us to talk. He wants us to confess our sins, and that involves speaking.

These Words Shall Be on Your Heart

These precious words need to be on our hearts and spoken into and onto our children, the young sinner/saints committed by God to our care.

The Joy of Church

The Church endures because Christ endures, and he will never let his Gospel go un-believed, until the end of time.

Marriage and Wedding Conference on June 30 in Hamel, Ill.

A pastoral conference about weddings and marriages is scheduled for Tuesday, June 30, at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Hamel, Ill.

My Service Was Better Than Your Service

Christ comes only for sinners. We qualify.

Prayers for Rogate Sunday

For those churches who use the historic series, and particularly churches in rural areas, this download will be a blessing for Rogate Sunday on May 10, 2015. It is an order for seeking God’s blessing on the fields from which our food comes.

The Passion of Our Lord According to St. Mark

The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod suggests the following reading of The Passion of Our Lord, according to St. Mark in chapters 14 and 15.

Radical Realities or Disclosures of a Distracted Director of Music

The musical settings may have changed language, meter and key over the years, but the message remains unchanged: God in Christ has reconciled the world to Himself.

The Persecuted Church: Suggested Propers for the Divine Service

Given the recent and growing number of Christians killed for the sake of Christ, a congregation might wish to receive the comfort of a Divine Service that specifically meditates upon and intercedes for those persecuted brothers and sisters. LCMS Worship offers the following propers as an aid toward that end.

LCMS Worship: Suggestions for 2015 midweek Lenten services

These selections can serve for midweek Vespers, Evening Prayer, or Service of Prayer and Preaching during Lent.

Suggestions for Advent

The season of anticipation is almost upon us! How will your congregation mark it? Here are some suggestions toward a fuller celebration this Advent in your congregation.

We Are Lutherans. What Does This Mean?  

The Reformation was about how God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, into the flesh in order to be the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world in order to bring us eternal life. That’s what the Reformation really is about. That’s what being Lutheran is really all about.

An Advent Midweek Lectionary and Hymn Guide

Despite the well-established custom of midweek Advent services in our parishes, our worship book does not provide lectionary readings or suggestions for midweek. This allows for seasonal themes to be developed, but sometimes pastors look for some concrete guidance in this area. The following suggestions are offered for consideration in meeting this need. This guide provides a psalm and Old Testament reading for each day, plus a narrative portion of Luke 1 to introduce the story of our Lord’s Advent in the flesh.

Thanksgiving Hymn Guide

Thanksgiving is, strictly speaking, a feast of the First Article. And so we confess that it is our solemn duty to “thank and praise” our kind and heavenly Father. And yet it is also a gift of the Second Article, since for the Christian, all thanks is offered in and through Christ. Finally, it is also a gift of the Third Article, for such thanksgiving is finally possible only for the one who has been brought to faith in Christ, and such faith is invariably the work of the Holy Spirit Who leads us to receive all things with thanks and praise.

Lutheran Service Book (LSB) Hymn Suggestions — Historic Series

Download Lutheran Service Book (LSB) Hymn Suggestions — Historic Series, compiled by Rev. William Weedon.

Lutheran Service Book (LSB) Hymn Suggestions — Three Year Series

Download Lutheran Service Book (LSB) Hymn Suggestions — Three Year Series, compiled by Henry Gerike.