Hymn Suggestions: One-Year Series (2016-17)

LCMS Worship provides hymn suggestions for the One-Year Series during the 2016-17 church year.

Prayers for flood, wildfire victims

LCMS Worship offers the following prayers for flood victims in Louisiana and wildfire victims in Southern California. Pastors may use these prayers in congregations, and all are invited to include these victims in personal prayers.

The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, According to Luke

LCMS Worship provides a script of the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ, according to Luke 22-23.

Table Prayers for the Season of Easter

LCMS Worship offers brief table devotions during the Easter season.

Feed my lambs
Feed My Lambs – Bible Study

The purpose of the five-session study is to explore how members of the body of Christ demonstrate love and compassion to people in need as an expression of faith.

LCMS Worship: Suggestions for 2016 midweek Lenten services

It is a worthy practice to devote time during the season of Lent to meditate extensively upon the Passion of our Lord. The following suggestions are framed around the reading of the Passion according to St. Luke, combined with an Old Testament reading emphasis upon God’s vindication of “the innocent sufferer.”

Table Devotions for Lent

LCMS Worship offers the following as brief table devotions during the Lenten season.

The Blessed Ordinary

A congregation is the family of God in a certain place; and as God ordered families to run in ordinary ways, so also He orders congregations

Gaudete Sunday: Breaking the Rules

Gaudete forms and shapes our understanding of Advent and Christmas by teaching us that true joy is found only in Christ.

A Brief Advent Devotion for the Family Table

LCMS Worship suggests the following Advent Devotion for use at home. Family members may take turns reading the prophesy for each day from Nov. 29 to Christmas Eve.

Thanksgiving Day Litany and Grace

LCMS Worship suggests the following Thanksgiving Day Litany and Grace for blessing the Thanksgiving table at home. Download the litany and grace below, and you may print a copy for each place setting.

Letter from Rev. Weedon: A Radical Christmas!

Rev. William Weedon, Director of LCMS Worship, offers a rad idea: Why not do the liturgy in the hymnal with all the Propers this Christmas?

Hymn suggestions for Series C — 2015-16

The following hymn suggestions are offered for Series C during 2015-16.

Proclaiming the Word in Song: Hymn Suggestions for the One-Year Series

The following list is offered with the intent that the people of God not only hear the Word as proclaimed in the readings and the sermon, but also join in the proclamation of each Sunday or feast.

A Midweek Advent Service

For pastors looking for propers for midweek Advent services, LCMS Worship suggests the following. It is an Advent series drawn from the table on Page 159 of The Lutheran Hymnal.

Amen: A Powerful Word of Faith

The “amen” that Christ gives to us is powerful. It is our testimony to His forgiveness, love, life and salvation; all of these are His gifts for and to us.