LCMS Disaster Response reaches out following storms in central, southern United States

LCMS Disaster Response is reaching out with mercy to help LCMS congregations in Arkansas and Mississippi as they help their members and neighbors affected by the April 27-28 tornadoes that killed at least 30 people and shattered dozens of homes and businesses across the central and southern United States.

Movie review: ‘Heaven is for Real’

The new movie is ‘heartwarming’ but lacks ‘a heavenly roadmap,’ writes reviewer Rev. Ted Giese.

Pressure Points (May 2014)

The Rev. Dr. Bruce Hartung discusses the issue of computer use by pastors: how much is too much?

Exsultet and the Preface for the Great Vigil of Easter

Learn how to chant the Exsultet and the Preface for the Great Vigil of Easter! Listen here to Pr. Sean Daenzer as he chants it for you.

CPH to release new devotional for parents

“Blessings and Prayers for Parents,” to be released June 2, may be pre-ordered from Concordia Publishing House.

StewardCast Newsletter – April 2014

In this issue from LCMS’ Stewardship Ministry, insight is provided into the importance of “preparing the soil for a stewardship harvest” within congregations. This preparation starts with Word of God and is based on the work of the Holy Spirit. With both of these tools to call upon, faithful stewardship in congregations will be given from the Lord.

LIRS provides free ‘Refugee Sunday’ resources

The kit to help congregations, schools and campus ministries mark the June 22 observance is due to be mailed in mid-April.

Harrison encourages church workers in videos

LCMS President Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison encourages clergymen in their preaching and urges congregations to encourage their church workers.

Parish Nurse Newsletter – Spring 2014

In this issue, you will find items written by parish nurses and others that share ideas and resources for promoting health of body and soul in congregations and communities.

Reaching Rural America for Christ Newsletter – April 2014

In this issue from LCMS’ Rural & Small Town Mission (RSTM), sowing seeds in fields during the spring, as farmers do, is discussed in light of how God gifts us with opportunities to sow the seeds of His love in the world in which we live. In addition, general information about the ongoing Engaging Your Community (EYC) events and free monthly webinars is communicated.

The Newsletter of The 72 – March 2014

In this issue from LCMS’ Witness & Outreach Ministry, you will read about the work that has been done and is currently being done through The 72 program. You are provided feedback from a few congregations who have worked with The 72 this past year. In addition, information about The 72 training module updates and upcoming training events for those new to The 72 program is provided.

LCMS debuts mission journal

The first issue of the new e-publication addresses whether there is a distinctly LCMS approach to mission.

Pressure Points (April 2014)

The Rev. Dr. Bruce Hartung discusses the use of Internet pornography by church workers and pastors who spend many hours on their computers.

Great Expectations Newsletter – March 2014

In this issue from LCMS’ Office of National Mission, how Americans view death, dying and other end-of-life issues is discussed. Some ways a congregation can help the seniors it serves address and be fully served by these end-of-life views they adopt for themselves are outlined and explained.

New curriculum, videos on parish nursing available

The resources from LCMS Health Ministry are provided to help congregations that want to begin a parish-nurse ministry.

Harrison shares Lenten message

In a new video, LCMS President Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison recalls the words of Martin Luther — “We are beggars, this is true” — and their relevance to salvation.