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Dan Stevens plays the Beast and Emma Watson is Belle in Disney’s new live-action film, which “is about as good as a live-action adaptation/remake can be,” writes reviewer Rev. Ted Giese. Still, some blatant homosexual references may compel parents to make “discerning judgments concerning what their family watches and how they talk about the content with their children.”

Movie review: ‘Beauty and the Beast’

The new, live-action film includes some show-stopping musical scenes as well as some blatant homosexual references.

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Movie review: ‘The Shack’

“The Shack” is confused and disjointed, mixing truth and falsehood, and even as a work of fiction it is not worth defending, writes reviewer Ted Giese.

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Movie review: ‘Fences’

“Fences,” starring Denzel Washington and Viola Davis, explores grief, loss and the difficulties of marriage and family life.

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In “Manchester by the Sea,” Casey Affleck gives an Oscar-worthy performance as Lee Chandler, who returns to his hometown following the death of his brother and discovers he’s been named as his nephew’s legal guardian.

Movie review: ‘Manchester by the Sea’

Few films tackle grief and loss as well as “Manchester by the Sea,” but it would be even better if it featured the characters’ Christian faith in a more active way, writes reviewer Ted Giese.

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Dev Patel plays the grown-up Saroo — separated from his family in India at age 5 and adopted by an Australian couple — who returns to India in search of his birth family.

Movie review: ‘Lion’

This film about adoption and belonging is well worth seeing and discussing with family and friends, writes reviewer Rev. Ted Giese.

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In the new Martin Scorsese film “Silence,” Andrew Garfield, center, portrays fictional Jesuit missionary Father Rodrigues, whose faith is put to the test by his Japanese captors. While it is difficult to watch, the film is a cut above other Christian films, says reviewer Ted Giese.

Movie review: ‘Silence’

Is denying Jesus to save others from suffering a Christ-like thing to do? The new Martin Scorsese film offers viewers a lot to think about.

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