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The Insignificant

It’s common for us to forget the theme that runs through the Scriptures: God works His great wonders through the humblest and most unregarded of means.

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Five Resolutions Every Lutheran Should Keep

Isn’t the church just full of sinners? Of course it is! That’s the point.

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For All the Faithful Women

Discover more about a small sample of the faithful women through whom God has accomplished His good purpose.

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Religion vs. Reason

Our culture has convinced us we must choose between the likes of Neil deGrasse Tyson and our pastor to glean true wisdom.

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The Ninety-Five Theses at 500

Luther’s understanding of the Gospel and of faith was still developing, but his peculiar gift for getting at the heart of things was already evident.

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Political Contrast

When it comes to politics, Christians do not withdraw completely like some or invest our whole selves like others.

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