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Fear and the racially split church

The recent Christ Call of Uwe Siemon-Netto (June Witness) for Lutheran Christians—in combating racism, threats,…

KFUO Then and Now: Tours Remain Popular

 by James Heine Over KFUO’s eight decades of service to the LCMS, more than a…

For President

For President The men nominated by LCMS congregations to stand for election as Synod president…

One Gift–Many Messengers

by Roland Lovstad One Gift—Many Messengers: National Offering Supports Seminaries One Message: Christ,” the LCMS…

KFUO: Streaming Worldwide on the Web

With the help of modern technology, KFUO, the radio ministry of the LCMS, now reaches listeners in every corner of the world 24/7.

A Parent’s Classical Perspective

by James Heine “I love classical music, and I love CLASSIC99,” says Karen Andersen, a…

Fan into Flame: Igniting Hearts

Fan into Flame kindles ministry in Florida. Historic church in Russsia reclaimed.

Judging “The Judge Who Changed History”

I waited for quite a while, but I couldn’t keep silent on some concerns I…

One Message: Christ

The 63rd Regular LCMS Convention meets July 14-19 in Houston. Learn about the nominees for president and their insights on the needs of the church.

More Good News for Thirsting Souls

I was reading in the May 2007 issue of the Lutheran Witness how people “recycled”…

Is God Green?

The Bible gives us a powerful sense of our place in the world and what it means to love God, serve our neighbors, and appreciate and respect creation.

Full House, Full Hearts

Welcome to the Stahlkes, with three boys, two girls, two dogs, a lot of kid-fueled chaos, and parents eager to adopt a sixth child from Ukraine!

Famous Footsteps

Have you ever been thrilled to walk where someone famous had previously walked?

Preparing Pastors

Preparing pastors for mission—and a mission to prepare pastors.

Get A Life – A Human Life!

What is a human being? An Animal? A machine? A computer? A god? Being fully and genuinely human calls for both active and passive righteousness…

Chastity Pact

by Dr. Randy Schroeder Our friends and their daughter recently signed a “pact” whereby the…