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On Chaplains

Thank you for your article on the ministry work of chaplains (“In the Shadow of…

Families Challenged

After reading the June/July 2007 Lutheran Witness, I am moved to write regarding the “Family…

Ablaze! on the Road

Opportunities for telling the Good News abound—even when we’re busy with our hobbies.

Only One Road to Heaven?

Christian exclusivity in a pluralistic age.

More on “Preparing Pastors”

Regarding the letter from Mr. Roth published in the August issue of the Witness, I…

In His Corner

NFL Hall of Famer Roger Wehrli cites God’s abiding presence in enshrinement speech.

More on the “Racially Split Church”

Regarding Dr.Uwe Siemon-Netto’s article (June/July 07), “The Sin of the Racially Split Church,” I am…

Poster Power

Urban Sunday-school kids realize they, too, can reach out to children in other countries with the Good News of Jesus.

“Letting Go” of a Child

by Dr. Leslie (Jack) Fyans My 15-year-old daughter wants to be more independent. I realize…

Thinking About Your Funeral

A funeral is a time to speak clearly about what we believe, teach, and confess as Lutheran Christians.

Saved from Death Three Times

One woman’s story of tragedy and hope.

Chosen and Blessed

“CHOSEN” was the theme of this year’s National Youth Gathering —a major purpose of which is to help our young people grow in their understanding of who they are as CHOSEN ones of our gracious God.

Fan Into Flame: Igniting Hearts

by Ron Nelson Expansion begins in Novosibirsk, Siberia Thanks to a designated gift from a…

Good News for Today

by Rodney Rathmann Regularly we interact with friends, neighbors, and relatives who are living unfulfilling…

Shedding Some Light

It’s the Thought that CountsAfter misbehaving and generally making a nuisance of himself all afternoon,…

Reclaiming our young

From my perspective, the article “Reclaiming the Church’s Young in a Culture of Change” by…