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Making Hay

As a farmer with many tasks that need to be done quickly when weather permits,…

Spiritual Support for Families Challenged

After reading the June/July 2007 Lutheran Witness, I am moved to write regarding the “Family…

A Part of Chaplaincy Overlooked

I enjoyed reading the article “In The Shadow of Death,” however, I think you left…

Convention Coverage

I am generally very pleased with The Lutheran Witness and believe it to be a…


2007 National Youth Gathering termed “the church at its best.” Reflections and photos from this year’s Gathering.

More on “Is God Green?”

The letter from Mr. Pierce regarding the article “Is God Green?” in the August 2007…

2007 LCMS Convention: One Message—Christ!

A report on the 63rd Regular LCMS Convention held July 14-19 in Houston.

Fan Into Flame: Igniting Hearts

Fan into Flame gifts support Ghana seminary construction.
Redeemer, Fredericksburg—a congregation Ablaze!

In the Shadow of Death … Chaplains Speak of Life Eternal

Chaplains Speak of Life Eternal

From Maintenance to Mission

A childcare ministry reignites a suburban congregation and creates new outreach opportunities in its community.

Shedding Some Light

A New LessonMy two daughters were bickering one afternoon, and they started hitting each other.…

Three Celebrations for the Quiet Season

by Gregory Wismar In some ways August is the “quiet season” of the calendar by…

‘His Love Is Here for You’

Of all the LCMS conventions I have attended, none has exceeded or even equaled the evangelical and fraternal spirit of this year’s gathering.

Is God Green?

I enjoyed “Is God Green” by Rev. Matthew Nelson in the May issue of The…

Preparing Pastors

Kudos to our seminaries for offering courses and training in “Preparing Pastors Worldwide” (May). Now…

Online issues

We’re encouraging our members to use the online version of The Lutheran Witness ( I…