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Why do we suffer trials?

What is the purpose of trials in the Christian life?

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Reformation 2017: What’s at Stake? The Same Thing as Always

The article upon which the Church stands or falls is the doctrine of justification. It is the chief article of Christian doctrine.

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As Living Members of One Body in Christ

The life of the church is not a human endeavor or accomplishment. It is the gift of God, which He accomplishes by the ministry of the Gospel.

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Marriage: Human Construct or Divine Institution?

Any conversation about marriage ought to start with a simple definition—what is marriage?

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The Phoniness of Easter

In reality, Easter seems to be almost anticlimactic in our churches and lives.

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The Church Is His

We care for foreigners. But it is not the Church’s duty to solicit their arrival by means of promoting public policy. It is the Church’s duty to preach the Gospel to all who need to hear it.

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