The Lutheran Witness

Interpreting the contemporary world from a Lutheran Christian perspective

Hopes and Dreams

What hopes, dreams, or goals do you have for the future—for yourself and for your family? What about for your church?

A Faithful Story?

I was disappointed to read that Dr. Albrecht felt The Nativity Story (December) was “faithful…

A Valid Communion?

The Q&A reply to “Is self-communion appropriate?” (December) rightly emphasizes the corporate character of Holy…

A Welcome Return

Thank you for reinstating the Bible study “Searching Scripture” in The Lutheran Witness. I have…

Christian Soldiers

by Rev. Andrew Simcak Jr. Whether you know it or not, you, dear Christian, are…

Shedding Some Light

One for “Q and A”As a farmer with many tasks that need to be done…

Family Counselor: Pornography in the Marriage

by Dr. William B. Knippa I was startled recently when I discovered my husband looking…

The Stem ‘Sell’

Despite what its proponents say, the fact remains that human cloning for any reason cannot be justified.

Prayers for Baby Terri

An unwanted pregnancy and a determined church staff

“Two Kingdoms vs. One Me”

The Lutheran doctrine of two kingdoms explains how God works in His spiritual kingdom and His earthly kingdom. But man’s selfish nature is to trump both with “me.”

The Splendor of Epiphany

The splendor of Epiphany still “epiphanizes” Christians to be the light of the World, sharing Christ with people who cry out for the ‘Light of Light.’

Godparenting for Dummies: A Practical Guide

What does it mean to be a godparent? It means traveling a lifelong faith journey with your godchild.


A teenager’s search for God brings a wonderful surprise.

Whose Land Is It?’

Dr. Reed Lessing’s “Whose Land Is It?” (November ’06) is invaluable because it answers the…

Get in the trenches!

Thank you for Dr. Uwe Siemon-Netto’s painfully truthful article, “We Are Needed: Are Lutherans Afraid…

Worship currents

I enjoyed the article on the new Lutheran Service Book (“His Word-Cast in Song,” October…