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Practice what you preach

Thank you for the interesting article regarding race relations in the most recent Witness issue.…

Chastity Pact

by Dr. Randy Schroeder Our friends and their daughter recently signed a “pact” whereby the…

Shedding Some Light

Bible study at the Round TableOur grandson Noble Wulffraat, a first-grader, has always loved being…

What Gives the Pastor the Power to Absolve?

I am having trouble understanding how a pastor has the power to forgive or not…

Is God Green?

The Bible gives us a powerful sense of our place in the world and what it means to love God, serve our neighbors, and appreciate and respect creation.

Full House, Full Hearts

Welcome to the Stahlkes, with three boys, two girls, two dogs, a lot of kid-fueled chaos, and parents eager to adopt a sixth child from Ukraine!

Famous Footsteps

Have you ever been thrilled to walk where someone famous had previously walked?

Preparing Pastors

Preparing pastors for mission—and a mission to prepare pastors.

Get A Life – A Human Life!

What is a human being? An Animal? A machine? A computer? A god? Being fully and genuinely human calls for both active and passive righteousness…

Hope & Music in South Africa

The joyful voices of the “Themba Girls” and a young Lutheran vocalist team up to make beautiful music with Synod’s World Relief ministry.

Resurrection Reality

Cemeteries in New Orleans are fascinating “cities of the dead”

Our Marvelous Bodies

We tend to have a theological blind spot when it comes to the stewardship of our bodies, caused to a large extent by our neglect of the biblical doctrine of creation.

Expected Surprises

by Rev. Thomas E. Engel A few years back, I was facing a tough decision.…

Mysteries and Realities of Resurrection

Matthew 27:52-53 says: “The tombs broke open and the bodies of many holy people who…

The Khmer catechism

I read with great interest “Taking Christ to Cambodia” (February). The Lutheran faith is indeed…

Themba Girls CD Celebration

LCMS World Relief and Human Care will introduce the new Themba Girls with Erin Bode…