The Lutheran Witness

Interpreting the contemporary world from a Lutheran Christian perspective

In the Midst of Death

by Scott A. Schmieding Even with reminders of death all around us, I found our…

A Child in Harm’s Way

by Theresa M. Shaltanis My daughter has been serving in Iraq with the U.S. Army…

Shedding Some Light

Forgive us our errant passesUncle Matt went to watch his nephews Ian, 5, and Brighton,…

Law and Gospel Preaching

Have you heard some good sermons lately? By a “good sermon,” I mean proper and powerful preaching…

More Hopes and Dreams

Last month, I began to share with you the hopes, dreams, and objectives that I have for the Synod.

The Stem “Sell”

I found Dr. James Lamb’s January article “The Stem Sell’” well written, and I share…

Worship paradigms

In his January letter regarding the new Lutheran Service Book, Mr. Timothy R. Dahlstrom asks…

Pursuing history

I commend you on “Mercy, Lutheran Style” by Dollie Raabe (November 2006). It was the…

A Magnificent Question

Meeting students from around the world provides
opportunities to witness. This one began with a question.

He Suffered for Our Salvation

by Andrew Simcak What thoughts come to your mind during this Lenten season when you…

The Judge Who Changed History

Two thousand years ago, a Roman governor made a judgment that would place the Messiah on the cross. Who was he? What political forces caused his decision?

Ordinary Means, Extradordinary Gifts

The Lord’s Supper is a gift of life and love to be received, not a requirement to be fulfilled.

Portals of Prayer

A little magazine; a big message.

Strangers in the Pews

You can help visitors to your congregation feel welcome. Here are some practical thoughts to keep in mind.

Lutheranism’s Sweetest Voice

Paul Gerhardt’s beloved hymns were a product of suffering.

Facing Unemployment

by Dr. Leslie (Jack) Fyans I’m facing a layoff at work and am very anxious…