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Synod demographic studies offer insight despite critiques

In this blog post, I hope to offer some clarifications that will further the efforts of interested readers, as they make plans for the future of their ministries in the challenging cultural landscape of 21st-century America.

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Appreciation, Celebration, Graduation, Identification

It is important for us to identify young people who have a heart for ministry and encourage them to consider church work as a vocation.

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Insights from LCMS Statistics: Reasons for Hope and Growth

What studying LCMS Baptism and Confirmation trends reveals about the state of our church body and our hope for the future.

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CrossFit, Drive-By’s and Jesus.

What I’ve learned from a friend who does Crossfit and why the Church should take notice.

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Tis the Season to Sing

I’m noticing the music of the Christmas season this year as I reflect on music and the role of music in youth ministry.

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Some things change, some things never change

How can you be part of that natural change in the spheres of life where God has placed you?

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