Why Do We Need Them?

“Why do we need to keep these rural and small town churches going? Aren’t they just a drag on our resources?” To this I answer, “We can’t live without them”!

Devotional Thought for St. Matthew’s Day

Each of these gifts – whether in material wealth, or intelligence, or beauty, or family, etc. – is not only a gift but a duty.

Revitalization: Abiding as the Declining Church

Revitalizing the declining church is a call to preserve our confession rather than our institution.

The 2018 Mindset list . . . Impacting the class of 2018

See what trends made the Beloit College Mindset List for college freshmen, class of 2018. What impact has faith made? What could it make?

The Death of St John the Baptist Homily

To be a witness today and confess our faith is not for the faint of heart as the account of the death of John the Baptist reminds us. And yet we know that Christ has won the victory over death and so there is nothing left to fear or restrain our confession.

What’s Next? Or rather, WHO’S Next?

Studying generational trends can help prepare us for teaching “Plurals”, the newest generation who is now entering our confirmation classes.

Oh, No! Revitalization!

“Revitalization” isn’t the best word to describe the work of helping congregations be healthy and whole, but it’s the one we use. Once we get past the stigma of the word, we discover that every congregation needs “revitalization.”

Early childhood educators come together to learn

Early childhood educators are inspired through joint collaboration and planning at district early childhood conference.

Early childhood educators are inspired through joint collaboration and planning at district early childhood conferences.

NLSA Evidence Based Accreditation

NLSA has moved forward with a new evidence based accreditation process to serve Lutheran schools. Learn more about that process in this blog.

The Hiddenness of Urban & Inner-City Mission

Behind the unassuming pastors, church members, volunteers and programs of our inner-city churches lie hidden gems of love, mercy and hope. See how they come alive in urban centers through the ordinary people who make up these congregations.

Standing in the City

In a once-thriving community, one urban church finds itself facing assaults from the devil, poverty, crime and despair. Brothers and sisters in Christ, it’s time to lace up the gloves and take back our cities.