The State and the Current State of Lutheranism: Serving the Poor Part 2

However, for almost two decades there has been an increased reliance on government funding NGOs. Many large faith-based organizations now get well over 50 percent of their annual income from the government funding sources and depend substantially on government budgets, election results, and political parties for funding their social work projects.

The State and the Current State of Lutheranism: Serving the Poor – Part 1

On January 29, 2001, President George W. Bush signed an executive order establishing The White…

Cultivating a Pro-Life Culture on Intolerant College Campuses

We typically don’t view our nations colleges and universities as havens of virtue, but I…

Community Health Education and LCMS Mercy Medical Teams

The Community Health Education (CHE) offered by LCMS Mercy Medical Teams is just as important as the clinical work that we provide. Through education, many conditions and diseases can be prevented, decreasing the need for medical care and improving the health of our partners.

Long Term Disaster Response Is Not Glamorous

The fact is that long term rebuilding is difficult and is not glamorous. However, LCMS Disaster Response is committed to helping communities rebuild for up to three years after a disaster has torn apart lives and homes. LCMS congregations are anchors in their community. They serve as a lighthouse of the Gospel and they can be a mercy center for helping others in a time of need.

Teach the Basics: Equipping volunteers to serve

Teach the Basics: Equipping volunteers to serve in ministry.

Domestic Mercy Medical Teams? Why Not!

The need for healthcare and education internationally is enormous, and the MMT program will continue to walk alongside our international partners to help meet this need. However, that same need exists right here in the United States as well.

Is Your Family Ready?

Families must be able to cope with disaster by preparing and working as a team. Maintaining a ready supply of food, water, hygiene, health items and a few basic tools can go a long way to making sure your family can take care of itself for a few days without outside help.

Some thoughts about Youth Polls

When we see positive data like the Youth Polls present, why wouldn’t we want that for all our teens? How are we investing in all youth?

On The Sign Of The Cross In Baptism

On The Sign Of The Cross In Baptism – A Poem by Henry Alford In…

Organizing a Disaster Response Training Event in Your Congregation

For almost a decade LCMS Disaster Response has been training Lutheran Early Response Teams (LERT). In fact, there are over 14,000 trained LERT members across the LCMS. I am often asked how we can get a LERT training event at my church and what should I expect during the training.

CrossFit, Drive-By’s and Jesus.

What I’ve learned from a friend who does Crossfit and why the Church should take notice.

The Value of Gift Cards

Even though sending used clothes sounds like the ‘easy’ way to help, gift cards can be an incredibly effective way to give real physical assistance to an individual or a family.

Lent: A Time for Giving Up or Taking Up?

Are we ready for a serious go at journeying through Lent? If so, perhaps we should stop giving up things for Lent and use this sacred time to take up things instead.

4 leadership lessons from Rosa Young on leaving a lasting impact

Before Rosa Parks, there was Rosa Young. 4 leadership lessons from Rosa Young on leaving a lasting impact

LCMS responds to typhoon Haiyan
Trusting in his love: Even when we don’t understand what’s going on around us

Why do bad things happen? What are Lutherans to believe when everything is in chaos and God feels so very far away? How can we Trust in God’s Love when we don’t understand what is going on around us?