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… So Loved the World

Doggedly chasing the world’s standard for inclusivity and hypersensitivity often falls flat and possibly lands with a lawsuit or two. But maybe there’s another way.

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“Faith, Hope and Love: A Threefold Response to 13 Reasons Why”

Provides a timely theological response and reflection for teenagers, young adults and grown adults.

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Life Together News Digest

Life Together with President Harrison – May 2017

Blessed Eastertide to all. Christ is risen, he is risen indeed! LCMS volunteers have been working hard to help with flood relief. Decades of mission work is bearing fruit in Togo. We’ve got articles on baptism, marriage and much more in the Digest this month.

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You Are Not Alone: A Prayer Book for Victims of Domestic Violence

This devotional prayer book will help victims give voice to their heavenly Father in the midst of heartache and despair.

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The Gospel and Little Green Men

Are there extraterrestrials out there? Likely not. Whatever life may exist in outer space, this we can say for certain: It too somehow suffered from Adam’s fall. It too somehow shares in the redemption of Christ on earth.

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A Sneaky Temptation: Theology of Glory Creep

It’s common for people to formulate the identity of God by determining first what’s good in us, and then deciding that God must be that and more.

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