Matthew Harrison
Matthew Harrison
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The Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison is president of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.

Love Your Pastor

Have you ever considered how difficult the task of being a pastor is? President Matthew C. Harrison reminds us to pray for, and pay heed to, our pastors.

Values and Priorities

Interested in the Synod’s fiscal status? President Harrison addresses the issues of transparency, responsibility and the way forward.

God Works for All Good

LCMS President Matthew C. Harrison recently defended religious freedom before Congress. Read how the Lord uses that struggle for good.

A Simple Way to Pray

This Lent, President Matthew C. Harrison encourages purposeful time spent in prayer. Read A Simple Way to Pray for President Harrisons explanation of how the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther encouraged Christians to pray.

About Joy

President Matthew C. Harrison looks at the topic of joy in the life of the Christian, reminding us that our ultimate cause for rejoicing comes from Christ Himself.

Why Malaria?

Read President Matthew C. Harrisons discussion of how love for the Gospel and love for ones neighbor is Witness and Mercy at work.

The Missouri Synod Needs Advent

LCMS President Matthew C. Harrison calls for repentance and prayer this Advent.

The Faith Flourishes…Even Amidst Opposition

President Matthew C. Harrison addresses the cultures negative impact on the Church and how Lutherans can take concrete action in defense of marriage, families and the Gospel.

Back to Walther!

Matthew C. Harrison commemorates C. F. W. Walther, the Synods first president, by recalling Walthers desire to return to Scripture and to the Confessions.

Be Bold in Your Prayers

Our hearts are purified by forgiveness in the Sacrament of the Altar, and we have access—unhindered and rendered holy by Jesus—to stand in the holy presence of God Almighty.

The Worldwide Reach of the Gospel

Pres. Matthew C. Harrison explains why the LCMS’ two seminaries are vital in spreading the Gospel of Jesus to a broken, suffering world.

Preaching Is All About ‘You’

We need to preach more about the Gospel!” a wellmeaning pastor admonished his brothers at a pastoral conference.

Blessings, Gifts and Challenges

At my request, The Lutheran Witness staff has put together this issue to inform the good folks of Synod about the financial realities that we face. The funding of this multi-billion-dollar institution called The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod is complex, to say the least. Learn more about the Synod’s blessings, gifts and challenges.

Death’s Precarious Toehold

What is the source of our Resurrection joy? President Harrison reminds us that Jesus’ death is our hope and comfort in the midst of life and especially at Easter.

Beloved Synod, Take Courage!

In the midst of a weak economy and unstable foreign relations, not to mention a country increasingly unwelcoming of the Lutheran faith, it can sometimes feel like there is little hope for the church. President Harrison reminds of Christ’s love and the strength that is ours in Him.

Life Together: What Is It We Actually Share?

So, what is this “life together” in the Church? What does it mean that we in the Missouri Synod are “in this together”? And what finally holds us together anyway?