Mark Wood
Mark Wood
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The Rev. Dr. Mark A. Wood serves as director of LCMS Witness & Outreach Ministry and as director of the LCMS Revitalization initiative. In his roles he identifies, develops and promotes resources for assisting congregations with inviting, welcoming, and receiving people who are disconnected from the church, equipping Lutherans to be more effective witnesses in their everyday lives, and, aiding congregations with revitalization.

Uniform of the Day

It’s interesting that when we want our pastors to make themselves publically recognizable we ask them to “put on their collars.” Isn’t that what we need every day in our communities? Doesn’t t…

Speaking of Rainbows

Every time a rainbow appears in the sky we are reminded of God’s mercy and grace. Shouldn’t we be able to use the rainbows appearing elsewhere for other purposes to speak God’s Word to those who are p…