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From Synod leaders to parish pastors, from scholars of the Church to everyday “people in the pews,” LW’s contributing writers come from every walk of life. What ties them together? They all have keen insights, compelling stories and hard-won wisdom — on faith and life, theology and culture — to share with readers of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod’s flagship magazine.

The Christmas squid

Its body is a rectangle of Styrofoam. Out of one end, a toothpick protrudes; out of the other spring several red and green pipe cleaners.

He was a good man

“He was a good man.” It’s a common refrain at funerals. But what are we really saying with these words? What does it mean to call a man “good”?

Advent is not a drag

Advent isn’t a drag. It’s a time when believers show the world that there’s oil in our flasks and that our faith isn’t pointless.

What is the most Lutheran sport?

Tennis? Running? Golf? What is the quintessential Lutheran sport? The answer might surprise you … but then again, it might not.

The wonderful impossibility of giving thanks

It’s wonderfully impossible to thank the Lord fully and completely for all his benefits. But by God’s grace, we thank, praise, serve and obey him.

On suffering

In the midst of suffering and pain, we find our hope where Peter did: “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life …” (John 6:68).

Joyfully witnessing

From the angels to the apostles to Lutherans among their neighbors today, the Church in heaven and on earth continues to bear joyful witness to Christ.

Under lock and key? Look and see!

By His death and resurrection, Jesus locked up sin, death and Satan forever — and unlocked paradise for all who would believe.

The joy of weeping at All Saints

There is more weeping on All Saints Day than at almost any other time of the church year, yet we weep together in joy and hope.

Reading old books on Reformation Day

Luther himself was well aware that he stood on the shoulders of giants. This Reformation, why not dust off a really old book and make a new friend?

The thief of joy

It happens every Sunday morning at every congregation: As soon as sinners gather, they start to compare themselves to each other.

Going for gold in grumbling

How often do we go for gold in grumbling? How hard is it for us to let someone else be more wretched than we are?

Mental health and pastoral ministry

The Holy Ministry does not bubble wrap pastors. In fact, it can compound mental health stressors in ways that many other vocations do not.

Are you an eye, a little toe or a spleen?

The Lord put His Church together so that each member is an important part of the Body. We are incomplete when even one of our members is missing from our fellowship.

Of handshakes and holograms

“You’re going to be out of a job soon, Pastor Bob,” I said to our pastor in the handshake line the other Sunday. “Not you personally. But preachers everywhere.”

‘Now’ is a good time to pray

Every “now” of our lives is a good time to pray. Whether we are content or troubled, each day is a good day to pray to the Lord.