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From Synod leaders to parish pastors, from scholars of the Church to everyday “people in the pews,” LW’s contributing writers come from every walk of life. What ties them together? They all have keen insights, compelling stories and hard-won wisdom — on faith and life, theology and culture — to share with readers of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod’s flagship magazine.

Back to basics for ‘back-to-school’

The backpacks are loaded; the school clothes are laid out. The kids are ready — but are you?

What to expect when you least expect it

Even when “all other ground is sinking sand,” our hope in Christ is an expectant hope. It looks forward and is confident that all the promises of God are “yes” in Jesus.

In defense of “unfriendly” churches

As we visit sister congregations this summer, let us never fail to remember what the Church is: not a five-star resort for visiting saints but a haven for sinners, including us.

God’s help for the home

From the days of Eden the present, God is in favor of and holds out His help for the home. And when the Christian home is under attack, as it increasingly is in our society, we need God’s help more than ever.

The vital importance of fatherhood

Our culture is — at best — terribly confused about the necessity of fatherhood. But God knew what He was doing when He put our earthly fathers in our lives.

The toxic and the true

At the dawn of creation, Adam was the first man to distort real, godly masculinity, and Eve was the first woman to be let down and left hurting by a man’s inability to understand and live out his manly calling. Thanks be to God, the story doesn’t end there.

Beware of spiritual Trojan horses

Whenever we consume media — even Christian media — we should be carefully asking ourselves: What is the source? What is the writer’s theology? What is the Christian message that is being taught?

Diversity in unity at Pentecost

“After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb” (Rev. 7:9).

Children’s children and the plans of God

From the beginning of the world, God has been creating and gathering for Himself a beloved people. In His wisdom, He designed parents to participate with Him in His creative powers and purposes, bringing forth generation after generation of children — and teaching them to know their God.

For Mom

This is for you, Mom, because motherhood isn’t easy. Motherhood is a holy office. It has God’s blessing, plus a lot of sacrificial labor. 

Caring, not killing, in a throwaway society

The Church is not a throwaway society — quite the opposite. In God’s economy there is no person pointless enough to throw away.

Being someone’s someone

It is a fine thing — a very fine thing — to consider those around you as essential contributors to your identity. Not everyone is a spouse. Not everyone is a parent. But everyone is someone’s someone.

The Paschal Lamb and the Angel of Death

For Christians in the Early Church, cross and resurrection were not in opposition to each other. Their Easter worship services and sermons were a celebration of both at once.

The most influential book

The answers to life’s biggest questions and challenges aren’t to be found in yet one more new book, but in one very, very old one.

Easter is coming — no FOOLIN’!

Though the Gospel we preach may be “a stumbling block to Jews and folly to Gentiles,” God’s beloved children are no fools. We know what really happened on Easter.

The sights and sounds of Holy Week

Even though we know how the story of Christ’s passion ends, the sacred readings, hymns and services of Holy Week keep our longing for Easter fresh and real each and every year.