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LCMS Life Ministry ‘News and Notes’ – Spring 2019 newsletter

LCMS Life Ministry’s News and Notes newsletter shares how we as Lutherans can care for and show Christ’s love to others in all stages of life.

LCMS Worship: ‘A Wedding Hymn’

The text of “A Wedding Hymn” was written by the Rev. Paul F. Becker on the occasion of his daughter, Julie, entering holy marriage in 2019.

LCMS Stewardship Ministry: May 2019 ‘StewardCAST’ newsletter

LCMS Stewardship Ministry discusses how congregations can become better stewards of their human resources.

Church Worker Wellness: Week 8 Devotion – Vocational Wellness

How do we respond to criticism in our various roles and vocations within the church? What encouragement does God have for us as we serve?

LCMS Urban & Inner-City Mission webinar: ‘Community Development and Mission’

Hosted by LCMS Urban & Inner-City Mission, Nicole Ridley and Fred Kimbrough of LCMS National Housing Support Corporation presented a webinar on “Community Development and Mission.”

Life Together with President Harrison – May 2019

LCMS President Matthew Harrison encourages us to thank God for 172 years as The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, 60 years of blessings through the Director of Christian Education program, 100 years of deaconesses serving the Synod and 125 years of LCMS international mission work.

Church Worker Wellness: Week 7 Devotion – Spiritual Wellness

Some days we will feel unqualified, but God seems to have a knack for using those with weakness.

Church Worker Wellness: Week 6 Devotion – Spiritual Wellness

When our prayers turn to groanings, where do we go to find the hope of Jesus?

LCMS Rural & Small Town Mission: May 2019 Newsletter

LCMS Rural & Small Town Mission newsletter highlights Lutheran Braille Workers, which works with the elderly and those who are sight-impaired.

Church Worker Wellness: Week 5 Devotion – Intellectual Wellness

What thoughts are in your head today? What big and little things are you thinking about? What freedom has God given us to “think about thinking”?

LCMS Stewardship Ministry: Newsletter article and bulletin blurbs – June 2019

The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod’s Stewardship Ministry creates bulletin blurbs and newsletter articles each month to use in church publications.

LCMS Stewardship Ministry: April 2019 ‘StewardCAST’ newsletter

LCMS Stewardship Ministry discusses what using a “steward leader eats last” mentality would mean for a congregation.

Life Together with President Harrison – April 2019

In the April 2019 edition of Life Together, LCMS President Matthew Harrison highlights a new initiative in the LCMS Office of National Mission called “Making Disciples for Life.”

Church Worker Wellness: Week 4 Devotion – Relational Wellness

What gift does God offer each of us, even the pastor and church worker, in the Fifth Petition of the Lord’s Prayer?

Church Worker Wellness: Week 3 Devotion – Physical Wellness

Physical wellness can affect every aspect of your ministry, and it doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive of other personal wellnesses.

LCMS Ministry to the Armed Forces – Second Quarter 2019 Newsletter

The LCMS Ministry to the Armed Forces newsletter highlights how the three rules of the air apply to our lives as Christians and how sexual relationships should be approached.