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Church Worker Wellness: Week 36 Devotion – Relational Wellness

If you are feeling lonely, take comfort in knowing that the God who sent His Son into the world to save us from our sins will not let you down.

LCMS Worship: 2019-20 hymn suggestions for Series A and One-Year Series

LCMS Worship provides hymn suggestions for Three-Year Series A and the One-Year Series to use during the 2019-20 church year.

LCMS Urban and Inner-City Mission webinar: ‘Campus Ministry’s Vital Role’

Hosted by LCMS Urban & Inner-City Mission, Rev. Marcus Zill presents a free webinar on “Campus Ministry’s Vital Role.”

LCMS Rural & Small Town Mission: December 2019 Newsletter

LCMS Rural & Small Town Mission newsletter includes a recap of and pictures from the 2019 National Rural & Small Town Mission Conference, which was held Nov. 14–16 in Minneapolis.

Church Worker Wellness: Week 35 Devotion – Emotional Wellness

What are you afraid of? How does God meet us in our fears?

LCMS Stewardship Ministry: November 2019 ‘StewardCAST’ newsletter

Stewardship Ministry discusses the very real struggle that exists between stewardship and struggle. This struggle is rooted in the fact that an individual is at the same time saint and sinner.

Obituary: Paula Schlueter Ross, former managing editor of ‘Reporter’

Ross, managing editor of “Reporter” and manager of LCMS News and Information Services, died Nov. 13 at age 66. She retired on Feb. 1, 2019, after nearly 35 years with The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.

Church Worker Wellness: Week 34 Devotion – Vocational Wellness

There are so many days when it seems like my words, as a teacher, fall on deaf ears.

Church Worker Wellness: Week 33 Devotion – Vocational Wellness

God often calls us as a people of many vocations. How can we walk worthy in each one?

LCMS Stewardship Ministry: Newsletter article and bulletin blurbs – December 2019

The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod’s Stewardship Ministry creates bulletin blurbs and newsletter articles each month to use in church publications.

Church Worker Wellness: Week 32 Devotion – Emotional Wellness

Have you ever made a mistake professionally? Sometimes we need the remind that God brings no condemnation no matter the area of our lives we mess up.

LCMS Rural & Small Town Mission: November 2019 Newsletter

LCMS Rural & Small Town Mission newsletter provides insight into the role the Body of Christ can play in helping individuals struggling with addictions, especially in rural and small-town areas.

LCMS Life Ministry ‘News and Notes’ – Fall 2019 newsletter

LCMS Life Ministry newsletter offers a reminder that God has called each one of us to a chaste and disciplined life.

Church Worker Wellness: Week 31 Devotion – Relational Wellness

We each have value in Christ alone, as well as in the community that is God’s Church.

Church Worker Wellness: Week 30 Devotion – Relational Wellness

When we look at Scripture, we find functional as well as dysfunctional families, which helps us see God’s grace in our own families all the more clearly.