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The Insignificant

It’s common for us to forget the theme that runs through the Scriptures: God works His great wonders through the humblest and most unregarded of means.

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What if We Told Them?

There’s no “get your act together and come see us,” no “clean yourself up and then visit.” It’s just one broken sinner inviting another into God’s grace.

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Five Resolutions Every Lutheran Should Keep

Isn’t the church just full of sinners? Of course it is! That’s the point.

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How to Pray the Ten Commandments

Learn Luther’s method of prayer, which interestingly encompasses both rote and free prayer!

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For All the Faithful Women

Discover more about a small sample of the faithful women through whom God has accomplished His good purpose.

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Religion vs. Reason

Our culture has convinced us we must choose between the likes of Neil deGrasse Tyson and our pastor to glean true wisdom.

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