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  1. Avatar Gregory Kittle says:

    This article helped me immeasurably! Thank you!

  2. Avatar Phil Found says:

    Yes the issue is two fold. We Lutherans have salvation as a gift but also the assurance based on the Word of God not our feelings.

  3. Avatar John J. Flanagan says:

    The Reformed view of grace seems correct, but I can honestly understand how confusing it iseems when we take into consideration the role of election, and place supporting verses beside those which imply or declare the role of obedience and works in the Christian life. I also cannot see any viable difference between predestined and double predestination, an area of disagreement between Calvin and Luther. One has to believe that logically, either you are saved or lost. And if you are not saved by grace, than you are lost. I think in this interpretation, Calvin is correct, not Luther.

  4. Avatar Mike Kunschke says:

    Excellent summary. One question; what do (bound will) reformed consider “Means of Grace”? Are they the same as we Lutherans? That is, baptism, Holy Communion and confession/absolution.

    1. Avatar Wayne Johnson says:

      It’s always startling to read Lutherans when they call Arminians “Reformed”. Despite the “bound will” distinction offered, you’re really all alone in that manner of classification. Neither Reformed nor Arminians group Arminians as Reformed. The Reformed are very careful to distinguish the LCMS as a believing church in contradistinction to other Lutheran groups which have long ago followed a different path. It would be nice if the LCMS would reconsider this confusing nomenclature. Oh, and to answer the questioner who asked about means of grace, Reformed do not include absolution. Continental Reformed include Preaching of the Word and Sacraments as means of grace, while Presbyterians add prayer. Thank you LCMS for all that you do to advance Christ’s kingdom.