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This pandemic is temporary

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  1. Avatar Arvis Dyches says:

    Very well put. Fear not, trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. Know that all things work together for good to those who love God.

  2. Avatar John Joseph Flanagan says:

    Excellent points brought out, but we must remember that the pandemic is NOT temporary. Left in its wake are social, religious, political and economic issues which will change the world in ways that have not yet fully unfolded. The effects are comprehensive and cannot be dismissed lightly. Loss of livelihoods, unemployment, huge economic debts, families in conflict, increased alcoholism and drug use, political divisions, bankrupt and failing businesses, and even the closure of some churches deemed fiscally insolvent. The challenges for the church are just just beginning as we enter a new phase of history. Of course, we cannot be prisoners of fear, and we must continue to proclaim the Gospel of grace, but we had best not be overconfident or blind to the reality of the challenges we face. Christians need to be sober minded, determined, and energized, as we go forward.

  3. Avatar John J. Flanagan says:

    The pandemic is not temporary. It has brought about not only death, but the fallout includes a worldwide economic catastrophe, unemployment, food shortages, and misery. The social consequences have been severe. However, as Christians we must weather the storms by the grace of God, and the challenge to the church in future days will be vigorous.

  4. Avatar Joyce says:

    I agree with John F. This is not over. Trust in God & our prayers for the ones in Government is what we can do. Yes, Luther is correct. Do what we can to protect ourselves & help our friends & family as much as we are able.

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