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The Failure of the Idol of Science

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  1. This article is built on a straw man named “science.” Science is not the idolatrous boogyman the article makes it out to be. The problem is Materialism or Modernism not the scientific enterprise. Science is simply a way of knowing about the natural world through observation. It offers mechanisms and models based on observation and reason. It makes no promises and is always prone to modification and change. Newton’s physics were not overturned by Einstein’s relativity; it was simply something more added to it. And quantum mechanics didn’t overturn relativity, it just presented a paradoxical alternative way of looking at things.

    How has science failed us? Thanks to the sciences of virology, molecular biology, and biochemistry, we know that Covid-19 is caused by a coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and not by evil spirits fouling the air as the people of the middle ages once thought. We know CoV-2’s molecular structure and its mechanism of action. We are well on the way to finding drug therapies and treatments that will mitigate the symptoms of Covid-19 and increase its survival rate. We are well on the way to a vaccine against a virus which up until last year had not been seen in human beings. And all this scientific knowledge has been acquired in six short months by an unprecedented collaboration of scientists, researchers, and doctors worldwide.

    Again I ask, how has God’s first article gift of science failed us?

  2. Avatar David Kruse says:

    Science uses the Word of God visible in nature.
    Theology uses the Word of God visible on printed pages of the Bible.
    The problem is not science or theology.
    The problem is that some people who are service-to-self oriented look for ways to serve themselves rather than God and other people.
    Some scientists misrepresent God’s Word visible in nature.
    Some theologians misrepresent God’s Word visible in the Bible.
    We should pray for wisdom that we might rightly discern what God has to say.

  3. Avatar William Steltenpohl says:

    Science is created by God. It is faultless. The fault lies with sinful man and how he misuses, misinterprets and misrepresents God’s creation. As with all things, how we use the gift of science that God has given us means everything.

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