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Saints singing their faith

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  1. Avatar John J. Flanagan says:

    I agree with you 100 percent. Good church music also teaches and reinforces Biblical doctrines. Singing lyrics from Psalms and the old hymns have a positive affect on the memory, and many Christians revere these hymns throughout their lives. Retaining much of our LSB playlist also connects generations of Lutherans and other Christians to one another from age to age, The best hymns are timeless, never going out of style, yet never in competition with their contemporary cousins. In my view, the lyrics are not subordinate to the melody, but rather an equal part. As an old retiree of 75 years old, I have been composing hymns and songs for over ten years, and a few months ago, wrote a music version of “The Apostles’Creed.” The simple purpose was to put the Creed to a melody so that we might consider singing this version of a similar version during corporate worship. The Creed reaffirms what we believe. Anyone wishing to hear the hymn version of the Creed can simply go to YouTube, click John J. Flanagan, ‘Sharing hymns and songs about faith, and the sure mercies of the Lord, as we journey through life.” On a playlist of 17 hymns and songs, the “Apostles’ Creed” is posted. Feel free to comment and give feedback. Soli Deo Gloria, John J. Flanagan, Clifton Park, NY 2/19/20